I was a bit reluctant and I postponed writing my testimony, because I thought that GOD’s miracle and the work HE had done in my life wasn’t complete, that I wasn’t fully delivered from what HE had brought me out of…

At the same time, it was and it is…
And I am safe.
Have been safe ever since I had been saved by the grace of JESUS CHRIST.

Even though the attacks still do go on… every night…

I realized that that is probably something every real Christian who wants to be truly in service for THE LORD has to endure in some way and at some point –  attacks by the enemy – even though I think in my case it has been and it sill is very extreme… but perhaps I am not the only one thinking that, perhaps everyone thinks what they have to endure is extreme – and also, if I don’t share it, nobody can ever learn from it and GOD can’t be glorified by my testimony.

So here it comes:
Don’t really know where to start, because I have not fully been filled in by THE HOLY SPIRIT when exactly it all started and what exactly happened – if I had been subscribed to the devil by one of my relatives or ancestors or even parents, or if it is a curse my family has been under or if they are familiar spirits haunting me since I was little… there are many things still in the dark about where it all began.
I was christened as a baby, which probably saved my life many times.
Wasn’t raised too Christian though, even though I always had a relationship to GOD and to JESUS, but I also probably was talking to demons ever since I was a kid.
And I considered myself a Christian, but at the same time, I fell for many, many lies of the occult, believed pretty much everything they said about GOD being in everything spiritual, GOD being “the source/the universe/GOD being the same in all religions” and I tried everything you can possibly imagine, ouija board, crystals, fortune telling, at some point, I experimented with magic, reading occult books, trying to become a witch, consulting mediums, having all sorts of tarot cards, calling all kinds of psychics, alcohol, smoking, sex with many partners or even one night stands, love spells, I was open for everything and I did try everything – shamanism, I even considered becoming a shaman. I then had this phase of many years when I got myself trained in so many therapeutic and new agy therapy methods, hypnosis, nlp, systemic constellations, ho’oponopono, the work of Byron Katie, psychodrama, and then I started channelling myself, becoming a medium myself….. and I tried to manifest, to become enlightened…

The funny thing is, I did NOT know that I was dabbling in the occult, did not know I was infuriating GOD, in fact, I really believed the beings I talked to when I did my channellings were all true angelic, benevolent beings, ascended masters, beings of higher consciousness, angels, even JESUS himself – I did not know that the dark side has their own fake Jesus, who is a demon…

I sincerely wanted to help, wanted to heal, wanted to make the information I had been given accessible for others and I wanted to grow, was looking for answers, for fulfillment, for higher wisdom – everywhere, except in the ONLY place and with the only person where it can be found:
JESUS CHRIST and the bible.

Little or nothing did I know about demons and that everyone doing these things will allow them to enter them on every level and in every area of their life, and that’s exactly what they did.
I came across this “enlightenment teacher” on facebook and that was when my life really got very bad and very miserable very fast.
He turned out to be a wizard or warlock, a satanist – I didn’t even know what that WAS at that time!
He practiced black magic over me, death spells, love spells, sex spells – I got astrally attacked by him every day and every night 24/7 – he was able (and he did exercise these supernatural powers a lot and he still does to this day) to produce all kinds of physical sensations in my body, orgasms and pains everywhere, manipulate my thoughts, my dreams and my outside world as well.

In the beginning, I was fascinated by all this and even flattered and I believed I loved him. And I was so infatuated that I couldn’t focus on anything else anymore and I had astral sexual encounters with him a lot, and also many supernatural experiences…
I will not describe them here in order not to encourage anyone to try this EVER, because the experiences are very extraordinary and extremely blissful, BUT the price you pay is that your entire life will fall apart – and that’s exactly what happened to me.
I lost my business, my marriage, my ability to focus and to work and all I wanted was to spend all my time meditating and masturbating and having astral sex with this satanic pseudo guru – who was by the way treating me like a stalker even though it was him stalking me, but when I sent him emails and asked him things and communicated in my way, just like he did in his, he many times wrote me back that I was crazy and that I should leave him alone – even though it was him stalking me! But who can you speak to about this? Everybody will think you are completely nuts and I was even afraid they’d lock me up! So I did what many victims of satanic abuse do: I kept quiet and went into total isolation, for many years, nobody knew what I was going through…
Little did I know at that time that the entire psychology and therapy world was INVENTED by the enemy to explain away demon possession, it would be many more years until I would find out about it!

What I did know rather soon though was that this wasn’t right and that I didn’t like it.
So it wasn’t very long until I tried to get rid of him.
That was when things started to become really difficult.
And that’s probably the most important part of my message:
do NOT ever let them in or start anything with them, it will take so much effort and danger and battles to get rid of them again!
Once the devil and his demons have you, they will NEVER ever let go, at least not deliberately – there is no negotiating, no reasoning, no persuading, no logic, no nothing, they are not like us, they are not available for any arguments, they want to possess you and in the end kill you – and that’s all – no matter if you love them or hate them, as long as you give them attention and as long as you are not free of them, they win or at least they think they do.

This is another very important part of my testimony.
Not only did THE LORD deliver me from all this, HE also taught me SO much.
I have all this knowledge now about demons, the occult, about magic, about marine spirits, about astral travel, about telepathy, mind control and so on… not that I had ever wanted to know so much about all these horrible things and beings!! On the contrary! I wanted to believe in the good in everyone, I did want to buy the New Age/love/peace/we are all one idea! It’s SUCH a clever plot! It’s what we ALL dream of! That’s why soooo many people including me fell for it! But Thank GOD we are not in charge of our lives, only GOD is! And I am truly grateful that HE didn’t leave me in this lethal bubble of lies!!! HE was training me up. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The time when I first tried to get rid of this wizard and all his demons and spells was when my life got really, truly miserable – when I had tried every new age healer and therapy I could find and I did and did not get any better and still the attacks went on and on, I got so desperate that I tried to kill myself.
I swallowed 150 (!!) sleeping pills.
And woke up 2 or 3 days later, still paralyzed and my body was really heavy, but I had survived.
I was not happy about it!
But I had no money at that time, I had no job, I was living on welfare, so since I didn’t have the courage to hang myself or cut my throat, even though I had a knife in my hands many times and wanted to, but I just couldn’t do it –  but I wanted to die, very badly, for many years to come…I didn’t know that suicide and death are spirits…

So I had survived… I eventually got myself together enough to earn some money… but I had phases… sometimes, it got so bad with the attacks that I wanted to die and didn’t care about keeping a job, because I thought I would kill myself anyway… I got into danger and into extreme poverty, even homelessness and I sometimes had nothing to eat for many weeks…
During the entire time, I was in contact with my aggressor, the black magician who called himself on a mission to enlighten the world – he still does by the way – and I sent him millions of emails –  all kinds of emails, emails asking him to leave me alone, emails asking him to talk with me and solve this problem, emails asking him to love me, emails wherein I threatened to kill him and emails where I threatened to kill people he loves, emails wherein I insulted him –  I tried everything in the book and I bet he still has the worst of them and I trust that he is evil enough to publish them one day or send them to someone I love one day… but that’s what they do and that can’t keep us from exposing them.

That was actually when my life got better, when I started to do campaigns against him online. I wrote to all his facebook contacts, I published his techniques and practices online on various occasions and on different blogs… I was really struggeling…and suffering immeasureably from his cruelty… he always knew how much he hurt me, how much I wanted him to stop astrally attacking and harassing me – and nothing could make him stop….

This went on many years.

And I am not kidding when I say I almost died.

And other than many other testimonies I have read, JESUS didn’t get me out at once and completely in a day or in a night and I didn’t have a personal encounter with HIM when I met HIM in the flesh or when HE spoke to me… it was more an ongoing process and it still is – that’s why I was reluctant to call it my “testimony” for quite a while, but it IS my testimony and I AM FREE today, even though I am still under attack – they are 2 different things and I had to learn that.

Actually, nowadays I believe that being under attack by the enemy is one of the most prominent if not THE most evident sign that one is a truly saved and born again believer and that GOD truly loves you, because they are the species the devil truly hates and targets first and foremost!

So what was really the turning point for me – and I had been looking online and offline for help, information and answers for many years!! – was when I discovered the teachings of DEREK PRINCE.
I found one of his talks on youtube, it was about demons and how someone can get demonised and what to do about it – I watched it and I got saved.
And I realized what I had done!
At last I began to understand what had happened.
It took me many months, many books, many battles to get as free as I am today.
I threw away pretty much everything I owned, books, jewellery, even cleaned out my computer from all the videos and ebooks and all the satanic MUSIC!!!
I read a lot from all kinds of Christian teachers, including Derek Prince, who is still one of my favourites, but most of all, I got into THE WORD, at least as much as I could, because the enemy would do all he could to keep me from reading my bible and he still does, sometimes, he tries to “brainfog” me or make me soooooo tired when I want to read my bible…

That’s what I mean though.
I am safe now.
I know where I belong and who my master is and always will be.
I know all about sin and what will get me into trouble and what will keep me out of trouble.
I know my bible better and better and I keep being in awe about how true it is and about how it teaches us ALL we need to know!
Last, but not least, I know MY LORD JESUS better and better – I love HIM and have a growing, flourishing relationship with HIM, I am getting better at what HE wants me to learn, becoming more and more who HE wants me to be every day, learning to hear more and more what HE wants me to listen to and to hear, my life is getting better and better – more and more miracles are happening in my life, more and more signs and the best thing is, I am always safe, NO MATTER what the enemy or any demons do.

That is my testimony.

That’s what THE LORD has done for me.
It is an exerpt of it, I could never tell it all, there is soooooooo much more!

But what I want YOU to know, my friend, my brother, my sister, that HE can do the same for YOU, too!
And HE will!
If you only ask HIM!
NO MATTER what you have gotten yourself into, no matter how difficult and dark your life is, JESUS CHRIST can and will save you, if you call on HIM!
No matter who is tormenting you, THE LORD JESUS can get you free!
If you follow HIM and give your life to HIM and repent of your sins and ask HIM to forgive you, you, too can be saved!
I pray that you will!
In JESUS’ name.

If you are not saved yet and have not accepted JESUS CHRIST as MASTER and LORD of your life, you can do so right here and right now by saying this simple prayer:

“LORD JESUS, I am a sinner. I am truly sorry for all I have ever done against you and I sincerely ask for your forgiveness! Please come into my heart and into my life and be MY LORD! In JESUS name I pray. Amen.”


You are now saved!

Please make sure that you get in touch with a church, a pastor and other fellow believers, so that you can be part of the family and receive support and instructions.

In my opinion and experience, it’s best to connect to a local church, but if you cannot find one or rather want to connect to us, to my church and to my pastor, you are very welcome to do so!

The Body of Christ Mission

GOD bless you!

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