Friends, fasting is a great spiritual discipline!

It is when I did a Daniel fast (I’ll tell you more about it) that GOD revealed so many things to me, that HE let me get so much closer to HIM, that HE spoke to me about my calling…

Actually, it is part of GOD’s endless grace that he provided this opportunity for us.

That’s what it really IS, a great opportunity to intensify our relationship with HIM.
It is SO easy! I mean the fasting itself is not easy at all, in fact, it is very hard and if it isn’t hard, you need to fast longer, harder or more strictly, because that’s what it is about – crucifying the flesh, overcoming the flesh, literally letting the flesh die for HIM, in HIM, with HIM – in order to make room for the HOLY SPIRIT to move!!
That’s right!
And that is the genius and simplicity about it!
You / we humble ourselves and IMMEDIATELY, there will be MORE of GOD and less of the enemy in our lives – that’s what makes it such a generous tool of our father, because it is like a switch anyone willing to humble themselves can turn and immediately, you are receiving incoming signals from a totally different channel – and it starts right away that you hear more and more from HIM or at least hear less and less from the other one!


I mean, the bible is full of it.

Even of examples where they fasted only one day and one night.

Or in ancient times, every ruler or leader who wanted to help or change the fate of their country proclaimed a fast!

Go look it up in your bible!

I could give you the scriptures here, but I firmly believe that it is such a vital part of your growing a relationship with OUR, with YOUR FATHER that you yourself do your own bible studies, that you get to know this HOLY, sacred, supernatural BOOK – that you dive into it, that you learn about it’s structure, contents, logic, reoccurring themes, characters, in the Old as well as in the New Testament – see it this way: only through getting to know someone personally can we create a relationship with them, there is no other way – if you only heard about someone from a third person, even if you heard a lot about them, you would not really and truly get to know them, all you would get to know would be their view of this person, you would never know if it is truly them.
And that’s exactly what OUR FATHER wants all of us to do – seek HIM, listen to HIM, ask HIM, pray to HIM, let HIS HOLY SPIRIT teach us, hearken unto HIS words, learn how HE  moved, even how everything was created by HIM…. nobody else can do these things for you!
Your relationship with GOD is personal.
You don’t even necessarily ever need to set one foot into a church EVER to get to know JESUS and HIS FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT…

So why not start right now and look up “fast” or “fasting” in your bible (if you’ve got a concordance) or “Daniel fast” on the internet?

I’ll tell you about it briefly anyway:
Daniel started praying for his nation and he desperately wanted an answer from GOD, so he did eat, but basically nothing “fun” for 21 days and then an angel of GOD appeared to him and brought him GOD’s message.

The bible speaks of many more miracles and victories which were the outcome of fasting.

EVEN OUR LORD JESUS did not have a ministry at all before he went into the desert and fasted for 40 days and nights.
Before that, there is no record in the bible of any miracles, healings, prophecies or casting out of demons – none.
So even for JESUS himself, it was a mere “spiritual turbo booster” to fast!
And that alone should be reason enough for all of us to do it regularly – isn’t that what the entire idea and doctrine of Christianity is about, to become more and more and as much as we can like JESUS ?!?!!

Esther fasted… and SO many other people in the bible! And ALL of them heard from GOD when they did!!!

That was my personal motivation.
I had a question.
A very important and very personal question.
And I will tell you more about this at some other point, but only so much today:
I, too, got my answers from GOD when I fasted!

What (else) it brought me personally you ask?
Well, I was struggling quite a lot with lots of issues in my life, when I had the revelation that I needed to start a fast.
I had never done a spiritual fast before and it had been a while since I had done any fasting at all, not even for health reasons.

I will not even speak of the weight loss and all the other, countless health benefits and healings it brought for me!!! Countless!!! This is just so that you can learn about the SPIRITUAL effects of fasting, all the other, physical outcomes are just incredibly POSITIVE side effects that GOD never warns you about in the description on the package 😉

So off I went and I must say, I had a LOT of help from GOD!!!
Little did I know when I started the fast that I would actually be fasting for more than 50 (!!!) days, 52 to be precise – I decided to obey and just to fast until I heard otherwise from GOD… and part of the help was that I didn’t know how long it was going to be… it made it a bit easier, the chunks you had to stick through didn’t seem so long… and also, throughout the entire time, I felt held and comforted a lot… I mean I did feel the pains and the flesh screaming out, especially after a week – but at the same time, it felt as if GOD helped me to forget about the pain a lot of times and notice the spiritual progress I had made instead and be glad about it!

After 1 week, I heard that I was supposed to stop smoking!
As if fasting alone wasn’t hard enough…
I had been a smoker for 34 years! And I had not even tried to quit many times, perhaps 2 or 3 – it seemed impossible, especially during a time when I couldn’t even eat anything to ease the pain a little bit.

But GOD showed me how to do it:
I did a lot of research and I found all these positive and encouraging scriptures, about 100 of them, words which spoke to my heart and soul and spirit, words I really loved…
I wrote them all out on little index cards, the cards had the size that they fit into the metal box wherein I kept my cigarettes and my lighter…
I started by keeping cards (not all 100, just a few of my favourites) AND cigarettes in the box, which I had been carrying with me more than half my life, every smoker will know what I am talking about, you never go anywhere without your smokes!, so I started with the intention to replace as many smokes as possible with an “intake” “inhaling” “deeply breathing in” a word – ONE message from GOD for me in THAT specific moment…

It only took me 2 days until I left the cigarettes out of the box and carried my old cigarette case with me, only that it now contained scripture only – and I can still not believe it – I actually did it – with GOD’s help! This is now almost 4 months ago and I am still carrying the box with me ALL the time – whenever I crave “something”, I open it and draw one of the little cards – and it works 100% ALL of the time!
The word of GOD is better, more satisfying, more soothing, more filling than ANYTHING.
Especially compared to anything which the enemy invented to make us sick, hooked and miserable!

I love that I am now able to smell, taste and enjoy so much more of GOD’s creation!


But that was just the 1st week…

I can honestly say, this 52 day fast changed my entire life for good.

And I will keep telling you about it!

I can highly recommend fasting as a spiritual discipline, it comes with SO many benefits!

My friend, I hope this is nice and inspiring, godly, healing and transforming information for you in some way!
I pray that THE LORD will bless you and keep you and shine HIS face upon you, In JESUS’ name!

If you like, comment and tell us about your experiences with fasting…