Can born again Christians have demons?

The answer is: “YES, they can!”

Even though many churches teach that they can’t. In fact, when you are in a church which teaches that true Christians cannot have demons, then this can be your sign that this church is not run by GOD, but by the enemy!

Christians can have demons, in fact, all of us do at some point!
It is even a good sign when we discover that we do, because it means we have grown enough spiritually to be able to discern that it’s demons what is plaguing us!

And when they do, they need deliverance.

In fact, it is not even a good idea to minister deliverance to a non believer, because when the demons are cast out of a non believer without leading them to CHRIST and filling them with the Holy Spirit after they have been delivered, they will soon have 7 more and more wicked demons, because they come back if one doesn’t know how to do spiritual warfare.

Matthew 11: 24 – 26

24When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out. 25And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished. 26Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.

What I recommend is that you do NOT do spiritual warfare alone until you have informed yourself and at least read about it.

Or seek a deliverance ministry to help you – but be careful, there are many sharlatans out there and if you don’t find someone who knows what they are doing, things could get worse for you… be vigilant and ask THE LORD about every step and about every person in prayer!!

Do NOT go to anyone outside of the kingdom of GOD!!
This is CRUCIAL.
If you don’t go to a proper, Christian deliverance ministry, you will end up getting more demons than before. I am serious, do not mess with satan, he is unfortunately very powerful and he will use all your mistakes and errors against you!

And when I say outside the kingdom of GOD, I can be even more specific:
I mean healers, mediums, energy workers, magicians, witches, shamans, therapists (yes they are very dangerous!!!) and EXORCISTS!!! – exorcists are usually catholics and catholicism is a CULT, NOT a Christian religion, it is NOT of GOD, just like Mormons or Jehova’s witnesses are not Christians, let alone Muslims or Hindhus  – none of them can help you against demons, because like I said, satan is very powerful, he can even perform miracles or (pseudo) healings and the ONLY one more powerful and able to defeat the devil and help you against the kingdom of darkness is JESUS CHRIST!

You see, I am not a teacher or a preacher or a scientist or a therapist – at least none of these anymore…

I don’t have to prove anything I say and I want to make it very clear that what I say here is my personal opinion.

And why is it my personal opinion.

Because I found that it is THE TRUTH.

I was attacked by demons very severely and for many years, more than 6 years to be precise.
And I have tried everything.
Literally everything.
I had quite a numerous amount of options myself even, because I used to be a therapist  (I will write more about it and when I say going to a therapist is VERY dangerous, I mean it and I know what I am talking about!!!). It took me years to discover the only remedy and the only solution and the only way and the only savior against the devil:


JESUS has saved my life.

I would not be here today if it wasn’t for HIM.

Yes, what I state here is my personal opinion and is what I personally found out to be true.

But that doesn’t mean I am wrong, now, does it?

And I am not asking anyone to believe me – on the contrary!
I am even asking everyone to NOT believe what ANYONE including me is saying!
BUT instead to do your own research, to discover what really does and does not help you and like I said before to ASK THE LORD about this!
Only YOU can have YOUR relationship with YOUR FATHER, nobody else can do that for you! And it will only be through this personal relationship with THE LORD that you will get delivered and healed, not through anything anyone else does or says  – not even through what a deliverance minister does, the power and the might which will free you and heal you and deliver you is the power of GOD, nothing else. HE may use a person to make it more clear to you – hopefully I can even be a bit of that person to you or at least to some people, one of GOD’s helpers to get YOU FREE, yes, you!!!

Do your homework, my friend.

If you had a physical illness, you would also take care of it and go seek help of a professional (even though I do think Dr. JESUS is also the best physician in the world and I personally have not been to any human doctor for 19 years, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been ill, it just means I go to JESUS when I have something!!) and would do research and would ask questions and would do your part, would do whatever you could to overcome it, now, wouldn’t you?

Being demonized is a serious spiritual disease.
Some people (me included) even believe that almost every physical disease comes from satan and from a demon.
Namely Theologians and Psychiatrists have found out that at least many mental disorders stem from demonization – the mind is what the devil always attacks first.
But even if you do not  believe this yourself, take a look at JESUS’ ministry, at what HE did wherever HE went.
The bible says in SO many places that when HE came somewhere, HE healed the sick, HE preached AND HE CAST OUT DEMONS.
Why do you think HE did that?
Do you think there are no more demons in the world today?
Or do you really believe when HE commanded us to be HIS disciples and spread the gospel and do HIS will, HE was asking us only to do 2 out of the 3?

Me, I don’t believe so.
This is part of why I have never been very involved in a “traditional” church.
In all traditional, “white” churches I ever came across, this is a taboo and nobody ever talks about it. They even deny the subject and the problem so much that people who are being troubled by satanic attacks or witchcraft feel ashamed and do not talk about it, not even with their pastor, who should be the VERY person they can come to with this!

After many years of prayer, asking THE LORD to lead me to “my” church, after reading a lot, after searching the entire internet, I was quite convinced that I would have to go to Africa one day in order to look for a Church which taught the truth and for a pastor, who is a true Man of GOD and knows about these things – because most of the teachings which truly helped me get free came from African Pastors or from Pastors who had learned from an African Pastor – Derek Prince needs to be mentioned as the exception though, he was the first Man of God I came across and in fact, I got saved when I watched one of his teachings on youtube and participated in the prayer he always does in the end…but even he lived in Africa for many years before THE LORD started him off in his deliverance ministry…
Anyhow, in Africa, people know these things, it is common knowledge! Witchcraft and satanism and vodoo is practiced much more openly than in the Western World and people would never be so ignorant and believe what the devil wants us to believe: that he doesn’t exist!

THE LORD had mercy on me and HE heard my prayer and lead me to MY Church, and fortunately, I didn’t have to go all the way to Africa, but HE lead me to London, where they have their headquarters and I could find them and join them… you can read about how I was lead to them in my blog and you can find out more about them here:

If we believe in GOD and if we believe that the bible is TRUE – we HAVE TO believe in the devil and in the reality of demons, too!
They are in the book!!! It’s all in the book!!!

My friend, I think and I know from experience that deliverance from demons is a serious issue and if you think that is what is plaguing you, you should really explore and inquire further, because they can kill you.

Let me point you to a few other resources which I found very helpful regarding the specific kinds of torments and harassment by evil spirits I had to deal with:

  • Again, first and foremost, go to and get in touch with Pastor Felix, he can help you!
  • Derek Prince, all his books and many videos on youtube
  • MrPastor77, countless prayer videos for all kinds of spiritual trouble on youtube, I found them brilliant and very helpful! I downloaded many of them and had them play over me at night while I was sleeping!!
  •, Dr. Pat Holliday, she has lots of radio shows online, live shows twice a week, also many kindle ebooks on amazon and she usually covers the most recent and interesting and from my experience “hot” issues and topics coming from the dark realms, she often speaks about things the HOLY SPIRIT is revealing to me at the same time!
  • and there is also more material there
    one of my favorite blogs, it contains tons of information about cults, false religions and lies and snares of the enemy –  the author of this blog is constantly doing research and his finds about how and where the devil works all over the world are more than brilliant –  do go there and learn!

Last but not least, but MOST IMPORTANT!!!!!!:

SPEND time with GOD and with the bible and let HIM take you to passages in scripture which can HELP YOU understand what is going on.
To read about these things and to study the word is part of the education THE LORD is offering you –  because it is HE who had allowed the devil to harass and torment you in the first place, so that you would be driven to look for the TRUTH, so that you would seek HIM diligently and so that you would repent and turn from sin.

GOD wants to be close to you.
HE wants to be your saviour, your doctor, your teacher, your father and your friend and satisfaction. HE wants to be all you desire, HE wants your love, your attention, your devotion and HE wants to be YOUR TRUE FATHER whom you tell everything, whom you run to, whom you ask for advice and for help and whom you love with all your heart!

HE wants to have a relationship with you, yes, you!

If you would like to know where my favorite books in the bible are, which helped me understand more about the works of the devil and witchcraft and evil spirits – none of this is new, friends, their practices are thousands of years old, as old as the world, but the good thing is, OUR GOD is OLDER, HE was there FIRST and HE created THEM, too!! And the other good news is: the devil IS already defeated because of what JESUS did on the cross!!!

So here are the books I particularly like regarding the devil and witchcraft:

Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel – they contain treasures of knowledge!!

My friend, I hope this will help you to get deliverance and I pray that you will be healed and get FREE soon!
May THE LORD bless you richly in every area of your life, may HE keep you and shine HIS face upon you and may he bring you PEACE.
In JESUS’ name I pray.

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