This page is probably going to change from time to time, because since GOD has been working in me and in my life, I feel like I am a work in progress and I less and less have the impression that I truly have an idea where the boat is going…

What is probably not going to change so much (you never know with OUR FATHER though, since HE can change anything and everything!!) is my past and how I got to the point when HE finally took me over.

I can honestly say I was in deep, spiritual trouble just a little while ago.

It is probably more helpful for others to hear more about it in connection with what I have learned about deliverance, but so much here:
I was under severe attack by the enemy for several years, day and night, every day and every night, non stop, 24/7 for more than 6 years did I not sleep through one single night!

It got better and I got more and more free and healed after I got saved – actually, when I got saved, I can truly say I was born again, because before, I was almost dead, like a zombie, walking around on the earth, merely existing, but not really living – I didn’t even have a very strong will to live…

I had been a Christian all my life – at least I had believed so.
Little did I know that you can still be in the enemy’s prison and can still have demons.
I didn’t even believe in them or in witches or in magic.

That is a fatal mistake and error, my friend!

The devil, all dark entities and forces you have ever heard of, in fairy tales, in fantasy games, movies, children’s books – they are as REAL as the noses in our faces!!
And as long as you are not aware of how real they are, you can be 100% SURE that you are imprisoned and mind controlled by the devil and are his servant and do NOT belong to the kingdom of GOD OUR FATHER.

Now hold on!

Bear with me for a second here, will you.

Don’t get defensive or mad!

Just listen to me:

If you believe what I just stated is absolute nonsense, you are not alone! In fact, not too long ago, I would have agreed with you completely!

Why would I have agreed with you?

Because it is what SO many of us, probably the vast majority of all humanity believe.
And WHY do we or did we all believe it?
Because the enemy wants us to!
These are his lies and his snares and he is very well organized and has infiltrated all means of communication and education to make us think so!

Here is an excellent teaching on how to NOT be deceived – it is by Derek Prince, ALL of his teachings are worth watching and even though he is already with THE LORD, there is lots of his material on youtube or on the various pages of his ministry in many countries and also, you can find many of his books on amazon –  I highly recommend this teacher, he teaches what I, too, found to be THE TRUTH and I believe that the HOLY SPIRIT has taught me and thus I also believe he has his knowledge directly from GOD! So here is the video about how to spot the enemy’s deceptions and snares:

SO it is neither a surprise, nor is it a shame that we don’t know THE TRUTH.

THE TRUTH is as long and as far as we are away from GOD’s WORD, the enemy has us, controls us and as sad as it is, as long as we do not take the time and the effort to learn the truth, he will own our souls which means we will not be saved, but go to hell when we die!
REGARDLESS of how good we have been all our lives!
Going to heaven is not about doing good, at least not BY doing good can you EARN a ticket to heaven – in fact, you cannot earn it at all, it is a GIFT and OUR FATHER grants us eternal life by grace and through faith in HIM are we saved! This is just a side note, but since you are here, if you haven’t done so and would like to accept OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST as your saviour right here and right now, say this simple prayer:

“LORD JESUS, I confess that I am a sinner and I repent of my sins, known and unknown and I ask you to forgive me. I ask you to come into my heart as my savior, my refuge and my salvation. I believe that you are the SON OF GOD and I believe you were born of  a virgin, I believed you died for our sins on the cross in Calvary and on the 3rd day, GOD raised you from the dead and you ascended to heaven and now sit on God’s right hand to judge the world. I am grateful for your sacrifice and I thank you that you payed for all my sins on the cross and that you purchased me with your blood out of the hands of the enemy. LORD JESUS, please come into my life now and fill me with the HOLY SPIRIT.”

Welcome to the kingdom of GOD, my dear new brother or sister in Christ!
I could not be more pleased and I praise GOD that HE let you find HIM through my page and let us give HIM ALL THE GLORY for pre-destining and orchestrating this holy, life-changing moment and you, my friend, will never be the same again  – in a good way!!!

So regardless if you had been a Christian before you came here to my site or not, if you believed up to now that the devil and his kingdom are not real, you have not done your homework and that can make you easy prey for his snares and you need to wake up and do your research  – most of all, you need to come clear with your beliefs!!
Do you really believe in GOD?
Do you believe HIS WORD is TRUE?
In his word, it is described many times that JESUS OUR LORD, wherever he went, did 3 things:
healing, preaching and casting out demons.
Did you believe HE cast them ALL out and there are no more demons on the earth today?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to annoy or provoke you, I used to be LIKE you!!
Fact is, my former beliefs did not make ANY sense at all!
But that doesn’t keep the enemy from hypnotizing us all into believing that’s the way things are! It makes it easier for him to haunt and catch us, because when he does, nobody wants to talk about it, nobody wants to believe it is really a demon hunting them, they are so ashamed that they rather believe they are CRAZY and that it is all their fault!!!
We are raised and programmed this way!!!

So as you might guess by now, it took me quite a LONG time to admit to myself that what was going on in my life was NOT me going crazy.
MANY people STOP here and GO INTO mental illness or into taking drugs (medical or illegal ones, doesn’t make much difference!)

BUT here is where my education kicked in:
You know, when GOD wants you to become a WARRIOR for HIS cause, HE will make sure you get the right education, HE will put you on the exact path you need to be on in order to find everything HE wants you to find and learn everything HE wants you to learn and of course, HE can interfere anytime and reveal things supernaturally to you!!
So I used to be a lawyer.
And a therapist.
And a trainer.
And a life coach.
I am not saying this to boast.
I am telling you this to show you what a GENIUS OUR GOD truly IS.
HE put me through all areas of the enemy’s system, so that I would learn everything I need to know today – and the rest, I learned from HIM and also through the horrific experiences I made – they were actually GOOD, yes, that’s right, that’s what GOD does, HE turns what the enemy plans for your evil and for your destruction around into something GOOD – because only because of all I’ve been through and what I learned from it, did I learn how to get free and can I now help my brothers and sisters in Christ to get FREE from the enemy – at least can I show them ONE way how to get out, the way OUR FATHER has taught me.

This is the story about me and this is also what I am about today, what my entire life is about today:

Praising GOD, fighting the devil and all his helpers, exposing all his lies, warning people about his numerous traps and snares, explaining and educating everyone who is willing to listen about his methods, means, disguises and hoping and praying that I can help MY FATHER to snatch as many as possible out of the devil’s filthy claws and let OUR LORD save their souls and lead them home.

If anything rings true inside you, especially if you got angry and thought what I said earlier about being a good person and going to heaven was WRONG, I can only BEGG YOU to do more research, read the bible and speak to a deliverance minister,


I shall pray that THE LORD will keep you, will bless you richly in all areas of your life and that HE will shine HIS face upon you!
In JESUS’ name.

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