The devil is a spammer

Everybody knows what a spam email is and we all have them defiling our inbox in one way or the other.

Why are they so annoying?

It is because they are wasting and stealing our time and talking to us, addressing topics we are not interested in – at least not at this moment in time.
They are trying to lure us away from what we were doing.

Regardless if it is our inbox of our work email or our private inbox.

Spam emails are trying to get our attention, usually not only to steal our time, but also our money – they all advertise something, be it porn sites and related services or less immoral ones, we are always supposed to buy something or go to a site, gambling, health and beauty products, illegal pills and drugs or they are even trying to take our money by conning us, for instance these emails usually from Nigeria (there is a fraud mafia operating there and internet crimes are specificly high in this country) telling us that a millionaire with our surname just died and now they want to send us the money in his bank account and if we fell for it, we would pay 3 or 4 figure amounts of transaction fees first and then the money would come to our account – for sure…

To lead us astray, to lure us into sin or to harm us by stealing our money.

Anything new?

Nothing new, it has been the devil’s job to do exactly that for ages and ages.

Only that he is now using the internet, too, to make his work more efficient and to spread it more easily all over the world and to reach or find people he would otherwise not be able to reach so easily – just like we do and just what we use it for.

And one thing nobody can accuse the devil of:
he is not lazy.
He never sleeps and he uses every opportunity to steal souls.

John 10:10
The thief cometh not, but to steal, to kill and to destroy. I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.

And what has been true for ages and has been the remedy against his lies and temptations is the same as it always was as well – and his name is…..?


The best way to protect yourself from being annoyed and defiled by too many spam messages is to live a godly life.
Online and offline, at all times.

So what we all need is a strategy to protect ourselves from “spam”.

From the emails and from the junk the enemy is throwing at us offline.
From the snares that are awaiting us everywhere we go, not just on the internet.

The devil wants to tempt and lead us into sin, so that we will lose our souls and our tickets to heaven, at least, so that this life of ours would become miserable.

It’s very simple.
That’s all and the only outcome sin can ever have.

Sure, the devil is not stupid, he knows that the fish needs to like the bait, otherwise it won’t bite.

And he will lure us with something we are longing for.

  • Sex (he is even trying to confuse us and sells sex as love…)
  • Thrills.
  • Fame.
  • Shortcuts of all sorts (easy money, fake titles, fast success)
  • fake or illegal products or even crime, something we cannot and are not supposed to get anywhere (like child pornography for instance)

The pattern is always the same and there is also one factor which all these things have in common:

even if we do get anything at all, if the spammers do send something, it is NEVER the real deal, never do we get what we bought when we buy from the devil and his cohorts  – OR what we get is so harmful to us that it will get us into more trouble, then, he will sometimes deliver it (like drugs for instance).

So what we need is a spam filter.

We ALL need one.

For our (physical) inboxes, aka brains / minds.

And the strategies which the program developers have are the exact same I think we need:

  1. look for keywords / unwanted sounds and pictures and filter every message which contains them
    (do not read, listen to or watch anything unclean)
  2. do not accept messages from unknown or suspicious senders
    (do not hang out with people who indulge in sins you want to stay away from)
  3. if a spam message slips through the filter, delete it immediately
    (if you feel you are getting tempted, stop the temptation right there)
  4. do not interact or respond at all to these messages, not even to have your name removed from the list, for NO reason should you reply, because it lets them know that there is someone on the other end of the line
    (for no reason, not out of curiosity, not out of a desire to help them, should you go near unclean places or activities, at least not untrained and not alone and not unless GOD is calling you to do that and not unless it is secured that you are mature enough in CHRIST to do that)
  5. if you are receiving too many spams and are overwhelmed, you may want to ask a professional programmer to help you
    (go to your pastor)
  6. sometimes, it is necessary to delete the old email address and start a new account
    (become born again if you have not given your life to CHRIST already and become baptized if you’ve not done it yet)
  7. always feed your inbox with good and clean information
    (read the bible and go to church regularly) 
  8. make sure you get enough emails from good senders, so that you are not tempted to read the naughty ones
    (fellowship and seek the company of believers)
  9. it’s always good to have other things to do and switch the computer off every once in a while
    (get yourself involved in godly activities)
    (spend some quiet quality time with GOD every day)
    (fast – fasting can also be fasting from the internet, not only from food)
  10. every once in a while, the inbox needs a thorough clean out and so does the computer, to get rid of the cookies and old files related to spam
    (confess your sins and repent!) 
  11. we can block certain senders if they always and only send spam
    (don’t listen to false teachers or false prophets) 
  12. we need to become senders of anti-spam messages ourselves to all our contacts
    (tell others about JESUS, evangelize, preach the gospel)

I am sure the “master programmers” among you will be able to name even more strategies, feel free to leave them for us in the comment section below.

GOD bless you, my friend!
I hope and pray that this will heal, inspire and bless you.
And that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and give you peace.
In JESUS’ name I pray.


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