Why I came to believe therapy can only be harmful and make things worse

This may be a challenging line of thought for many of you, especially those among you who have had some mental health issued and who believed they have benefited from therapy.
You will most likely not agree to my findings and opinions, but you are very welcome to explore them and read how I came to believe they are true.
And let me begin by saying that I used to be a therapist myself for many years and that this is the starting point, which is not critical, on the contrary very approving of therapy, so keen and sincerely wanting to help!

Only that I had to discover that not only did the clients I saw (regardless if they were my clients or somebody else’s) get better, let alone get healed in the long run (and I am talking about MANY clients, since I spent years studying and also being a guest in many training institutes of many different teachers and approaches!), but also did I never see anyone teaching these methods who had a whole and healthy life of their own, nor did I myself get any better spiritually, on the contrary – not that I had a mental diagnosis or severe issues, but everybody has some things they are not happy with and so did I and over the years, I didn’t find myself in a better position compared to where I started from in the first place… and when I noticed all these things, I began to wonder why and I started a new quest. For quite a while, many years to be precise, I believed it was me, that I hadn’t studied and practiced enough (even though I received tremendously positive feedback from all my clients and colleagues and teachers) or that I hadn’t found the right teachers yet, but nowadays I know that that wasn’t the reason why I started to doubt all of this – nowadays I know that it was THE HOLY SPIRIT telling me that I was on the wrong path, that I was actually dabbling in the occult without knowing it and without the intention to do so and that GOD was angry with me.

But let’s start with a look around the world and with a look at the beginning, the history of therapy and how it spread.

Have you ever noticed that in cultures where people are very religious, they do not tend to go and see therapists?
Even regardless of their religion.
Also regardless of their home country.
All over the world does that seem to be so –  in many parts of the world, people will not even understand the concept of therapy very well I suppose.
You may think it is a matter of standard of education… but I don’t believe that is so.
If we can agree that Europe is not a developing country or that they are not developing countries and that their standard of education is comparable to the average standard of education in the US for instance, I think there will be many areas in Europe where a therapist will not be able to make a living, because nobody will come.
I believe it is a matter of religion and of people being religious or not, not a matter if they are educated enough to understand the concept and the benefits of therapy or if they can afford it or not.

And why do I think that is so?

Do I think it is because they are never depressed or anxious or that they do not have past trauma to deal with or abuse or do not have any mental disorders at all in their population? Or that they are never worried or stressed or don’t have any fears and phobias?

I don’t believe that’s the reason.

I believe they go to their GOD or to their pastor instead  – if they are a Christian – or to their equivalent person or deity in their religion.

It is what these are there for and what every religion is asking of their members – it is what GOD wants us to do as well.
At least when it comes to the alternative of seeking advice in the occult.

Isaiah 8:19
And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead?

The problem is that there is not straight line between therapy and the occult.

How can I say that?

Because I have been a therapist and all the methods I have seen have had the same elements from the occult.
First of all, they do not mention or even recognize GOD as a source for healing or for spiritual well-being even or for advice or direction.

On the contrary, they deny all religions regardless of what they are.
Regarding most of the therapeutic methods, this is very deceptive though, because on the outside, or in the forefront, they are denying all religions, but on the inside, most of them stem from religious practices, and none of them are Christian to say the least.

When you go to a therapist no matter what he or she offers, they will recommend you do something to manage your stress level.
What will that be if you ask them, well, if you ask them what they are doing to reduce their stress, ALL of them will tell you that they are practicing one of the following:
Yoga, meditation, tai chi, zen or a little more dynamic, pilates, drums, tumba, the 4 rhythms, and these are only the very, very common ones… most therapists will have a favorite method for relaxation or physical, “beneficial” exercise which they recommend if they are not themselves offering it in combination with their therapy or in the same practice…
ALL of them.

How do I know?

Because I was one of them.

And because at some point in any therapeutic education, everyone will learn that trauma or negative emotions can be stuck in the body and that it is not enough to work with and on the mind only and that in order to achieve a holistic, whole and complete healing for the client, they will have to do some sort of body work as well.
It is the holistic approach.
And it is part of every therapeutic concept.

So what I (and many other people) think of these physical methods mentioned above and what I believe where they originate has been said here a lot and I can repeat and sum it up very shortly here, because it is not the topic I want to write about today, it is only important to understand the entire “web” the enemy wants to lure everybody into:
I firmly believe and found that all these methods including and especially yoga and other eastern practices are satanic and are exposing everyone who will practice them to demons! (if you are interested why and how I came to believe that, you can read my other articles here on this blog).

Now with that said, lets inquire why I believe the same thing about therapy itself and those methods which will only address the mind.

Let’s take a look at the history of psychotherapy together first, shall we?
This is taken from psychcentral.com, just a site which offers therapy and explains the different methods and it came up when I googled “How was therapy invented”.

History of Psychotherapy
By Jim Haggerty, M.D.
~ 1 min read
Treatment of emotional or psychological problems can be traced to antiquity. The ancient Greeks were the first to identify mental illness as a medical condition, rather than a sign of malevolent deities. While their understanding of the nature of the mental illness was not always correct (e.g., they believed that hysteria affected only women, due to a wandering uterus), and their treatments rather unusual (e.g., bathing for depression, blood-letting for psychosis), they did recognize the treatment value of encouraging and consoling words.
With the fall of the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages saw the return of a belief in the supernatural as a cause for mental illness and the use of torture to gain confessions of demonic possession. However, some physicians began to support the use of psychotherapy. Paracelsus (1493-1541) advocated psychotherapy for treatment of the insane.While there were scattered references to the value of “talking” in the treatment of emotional problems, the English psychiatrist Walter Cooper Dendy first introduced the term “psycho-therapeia” in 1853. Sigmund Freud developed psychoanalysis around the turn of the century, and made profound contributions to the field with his descriptions of the unconscious, infantile sexuality, the use of dreams, and his model of the human mind.Freud’s work with neurotic patients led him to believe that mental illness was the result of keeping thoughts or memories in the unconscious. Treatment, primarily listening to the patient and providing interpretations, would bring these memories to the forefront and thus decrease symptoms.For the next fifty years, Freud’s methods of psychoanalysis and various versions of it were the main psychotherapy used in clinical practice. Around the 1950s, the growth of American psychology led to new, more active therapies that involved the psychotherapeutic process.The practice of behavioral psychology borrowed principles from animal psychology to treat emotional and behavioral problems. Over the years, behavior therapy has been enhanced to include emphasis on the thoughts and feelings of the person. This combined cognitive-behavioral therapy has become a major type of treatment for many psychiatric conditions.The interpersonal therapy developed by Carl Rogers during the 1940s focused on the transmission of warmth, genuineness and acceptance from the therapist to the individual. By the late 1960s there were over 60 different types of psychotherapies, ranging from psychodrama (using drama techniques) to guided imagery (using mental pictures and stories).The next major style of psychotherapy was developed not as the result of new ideas, but due to economic issues. Traditionally, psychotherapy was a long progress, often involving years of treatment. As psychotherapy became more widely available, emphasis was placed on a more brief form of treatment. This trend was further driven by the arrival of managed care insurance plans and limitations to coverage for mental health issues. Today, virtually all therapeutic modalities offer some sort of brief therapy designed to help the person deal with specific problems.


So we learn here that the greeks were the first to recognize that such things as mental illnesses existed and allowed them in their belief system and they recognized that they need to be treated – even if they had not found the “appropriate methods” at that time.
What a coincidence that the greeks also were the ones who had so many false gods they were adoring and were deeply involved in idolatry, don’t you think?

Ok, next assumption.
They all recognized from the very beginning the benefits of talking to the patient, of listening with empathy.
Isn’t that the main thing any pastor will do and has done for centuries?

So why go to a therapist?

EXACTLY, it is so that you would NOT go to your pastor!

In the old days, it may have been revolutionary to go to a mental health practitioner instead of talking to your pastor about any problem that you have, be it emotional, spiritual or practical… nowadays, the ones who will go to their pastor or even talk to GOD directly (for those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, it is called “prayer”!), are the weird ones, the exotic ones, the rare ones, the ones laughed about and pointed at.

That’s the sad truth.

One theologian who’s work I like a lot, Kurt Koch, stated that therapy was invented to explain away the phenomenon of demon possession.

Therapy is a tool of the enemy to alienate you from GOD OUR FATHER and to harm you, not to heal you.

Ok, lets look at one more aspect which I myself found very fascinating.
A person.
One of the most prominent figures in psychotherapy.
Those of you who are into therapy a little bit and have taken the time to explore it a little and read some things about it, you will necessarily have come across Carl Gustav Jung, there is no way around him and his teachings, he has predominately shaped therapy the way it is being practiced today.
Heard of him?
If not, you can find loads about him on the internet all over the place – he is called “the father of therapy” by many people.

So let’s see how he came to his findings, shall we?

And this is not me analyzing or interpreting his work, this is him himself writing about how his knowledge came to him in his own, early writings, especially in

Jung’s dissertation was titled “On the Psychology and Pathology of So-Called Occult Phenomena”
Now you may say that he only investigated these things and how they are inter-related.
But the truth is, that he got influenced by them as well and they flew into his teachings and findings and sadly, these teachings and findings became the foundation of pretty much all modern therapy nowadays is about.
And like I said, it is not me stating that, it is he himself.
In his early writings, he stated to be communicating with “evil spirits”.

“Early on in Carl Jung’s investigation into spiritualism (spiritism) and into eastern mysticism, he became a channeler for invisible entities. It’s in his writings. The principal entity that he channeled was a spirit entity called Philemon. He also channeled to lesser spirit entities called Anima and Animus, who became the foundation of the male and female principles in Jungian psychology. In fact, these principles male/female of Anima and Animus can even be found in Christian ministry/counseling circles as a therapeutic model. These were invisible spirit entities that Carl Jung channeled by using automatic hand writing (otherwise known as journaling) and they wrote much of our modern-day Jungian psychology through him. This means that much of modern Jungian psychology was written by invisible spirit beings. If you don’t believe me you can go to any public library and do your own research on the history of Carl Jung. Over the years I’ve done much research into his writings that substantiates what I’ve just said.”
(This quote is taken from https://www.christianforums.com/threads/gurdjieff-jakob-boehme.7720391 but it can be found in many other places and in his writings themselves as well)

This next passage is taken from wikipedia:

Paranormal beliefs
Jung had an apparent interest in the paranormal and occult. For decades he attended seances and claimed to have witnessed “parapsychic phenomena”. Initially he attributed these to psychological causes, even delivering 1919 lecture in England for the Society for Psychical Research on “The Psychological Foundations for the belief in spirits”.[82] However, he began to “doubt whether an exclusively psychological approach can do justice to the phenomena in question”[82] and stated that “the spirit hypothesis yields better results”.[83]
Jung’s ideas about the paranormal culminated in “synchronicity”, his idea that meaningful connections in the world manifest through coincidence with no apparent causal link. What he referred to as “acausal connecting principle”.[84] Despite his own experiments failing to confirm the phenomenon[85] he held on to the idea as an explanation for apparent ESP.[86] As well as proposing it as a functional explanation for how the I-Ching worked, although he was never clear about how synchronicity worked.[87]

Interestingly enough, Jung’s father was a pastor…

So what I am trying to point out here is that the root of therapy, wherever you look into it deeper, all that therapy is doing today, is in the occult.

That can NOT mean that it is from GOD.

And how can something that is connected to the devil actually truly ever heal anyone?

To heal is not the devil’s intention!
His ministry is to steal, to kill and to destroy (John 10:10) and when you go see a therapist, you will not get better, you will waste time and money and you will get worse and contribute to your own destruction and that is the sad truth.

If that all is not enough for you to believe that therapy is something you need to stay away from, then I don’t know what will be.

JESUS CHRIST performed many healings when HE was on earth, physical healings and also mental healings.
I will not list them here, because I want you to do your own research and I warmly invite you to do an experiment and grab the next bible you can find, open it anywhere in the new testament and I guarantee it won’t be long until you come across a story where OUR LORD performed a healing or cast out some demons.
And what really convinced me to believe that most, if not all mental (and physical) illnesses are of the devil and need to be addressed by JESUS, not by doctors or therapists is this:
the more I studied JESUS’ ministry on earth, the more I discovered that wherever HE went, HE always did 3 things:

  1. preach the WORD
  2. cast out demons
  3. heal the sick

and in many passages and stories, it is even hard to differenciate between number 2 and 3 and not entirely clear which of the 2 HE did in order to release this person, in order to make them whole.

That’s why it is so important for you to go looking for these references yourself, because if I tell you my interpretation of them, it will not help you understand… the BIBLE is a supernatural book and every time you open it, THE HOLY SPIRIT, GOD, is ready to teach you and to lead you – if you let HIM.

What HE will never do is impose HIMSELF or HIS views on you.
That’s the job of the devil, of the world, of society…
But what HE will most certainly do is free you from all demons who are plaguing you!
But you need to ask HIM to do so and there are some rules and steps you need to follow, because HE requires obedience and total devotion  – if you want HIS protection and HIS blessings.

This last topic, how to get free from demons, will be for another article, but so much for today:
do NOT go and see a therapist if you are mentally unwell – that’s my personal opinion and advice and I recommend that you do research instead and seek a (deliverance) minister instead.

I hope and pray that this will inspire you, open your eyes and bless you. And that everyone who came here looking for answers about some mental troubles will find their way to YOU, LORD, and to someone who can truly help them get free from the evil spirits or influences of the occult, whatever is troubling you, that they will find the truth, that only YOU, LORD can make them free.
In JESUS’ name I pray.

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