Why unbelievers are like drug addicts

How can I put this?

Well, I’ll take you through the same way GOD revealed it to me.

I was talking to HIM about my calling… I mean, it is and has been clear to me for a while that I must work for HIM –  and yet at the same time, there are so many ways we can do that if we wish to, even every job or work can be done for HIM in my opinion.
I had quite a few educations and professions in my past as you may have known if you read some of my past posts… I used to be a lawyer, a therapist, a human resources manager, a trainer, a life coach, a waitress, a housekeeper, a shop manager – I also had my share of trouble I got myself into and out of with HIS help, which can also be a profession or useful occupation to help others get out of the same… like I try to do here in this blog… this is just to mention a few things I’ve done in my past… and ever since I got saved, I kept devoting every work I did to THE LORD and kept asking HIM and myself what would be a good setting, the best working environment, to put all the skills HE let me gather into a good use?
I kept praying that THE HOLY SPIRIT would reveal and guide me towards discovering my exact calling, the very occupation GOD wants me in…

Seems a bit far stretched, this introduction loop to my chain of thoughts, but what I have discovered so far, what I know, is this:
whatever I will do or have done for a while for a living or in my free time, the issues and people and “cases” GOD has brought my way – all of which I did my best to solve and some of them I accepted and took on gladly and some of them I tried to get rid of, only to learn that GOD didn’t want that, didn’t want me to avoid them, but learn how to solve them – ALL of what I have encountered in this very intense spiritual journey HE took me on during the past few years, all of it had to do with some sort of issues and all of them were closely connected to UNBELIEF.

And that made me realize that every spiritual problem IS.

And drug addicts make it very clear to see for everybody.
They demonstrate very transparently how it works or shall I say how he works.
The devil.

The origin is pain, soul aches, an emptiness inside, a deep knowing that there is something wrong, something missing.
The knowing of and the pain about the corruptness of this world.
We all have it in us.
Because we are all made in GOD’s image.
And if you are a believer and if you know your bible, you know how to deal with it and how to address it and you know that there is only one way to cure it and that is “the way, the truth and the life”, JESUS CHRIST.

But if you are not a believer, you don’t know what to do.

Don’t know how to deal with the pain.

And you are prone to fall into one of the many traps the enemy laid out for us.

The all somehow fall into the category escapism / the numbing of the symptoms  – for instance with a drug  – with the effect of a little physical relief.
But the others have the very same mechanism
Physically altered states (yoga, tai chi, martial arts, tantra, extreme juice fasting)
false religions

You name it.

All ways to escape the pain of the world OR try to live in a different world.

The world, aka the enemy, has so many ways to offer to escape, so many fake “solutions” and they are all the same in a way:
they promise relief, happiness and a better way of life –  for a minute or for a lifetime, they all use your desires and yearnings to attract you and they all give some quick, short lived, superficial and temporary “thrill”…
After the first thrill (which is the best and only true thrill you will ever have), there is a short break… a moment of silence… almost like peace or freedom…
And that is what you will be running after for the rest of your life if you don’t discover and escape the snare.
Because you will want it again –  this short moment where the thoughts stop haunting you, when you cannot feel the pain…
And the yearning for the next relief is becoming stronger and stronger…
And before you know it, you will be addicted and it will be very, very hard to get out.

And that’s all they will ever create in the end.
ALL of the above.



Addiction and all the negative results and side effects thereof.

It’s just that with drug addiction it is easier to see than with many other things.
Take some which are very well disguised for instance and many people do not even see at all that they are drugs / lies / fake snares of the enemy:
best example is false religions or religious sects!
Catholics or buddhists or hindus or moslems or Jehova’s Witnesses or mormons or New Agers, they all start looking for a deeper reason of life, for a purpose and for a way to find peace and to fill the emptiness inside…
They don’t even know that they are running after the wrong thing, that they are worshipping the devil in disguise of an idol –  they, too, are looking for what we have, for the pathway to peace and to freedom… and they all find out at some point that the path they chose will not lead them there –  that what they have been doing for so long and what they have payed for so dearly is not working…

When they find out that it doesn’t work, they usually go into it deeper and deeper and usually, they will add more and more “drugs” of the list above in order to find relief…

So that’s what I found and how I discovered, that, in the end, it will probably not make a big difference in the big picture what I or anyone else will choose to do for a living in order to glorify GOD or to increase HIS kingdom.

Because unbelievers are EVERYWHERE.
The world is so full of them that we can never ever go anywhere without being in a situation where GOD wants us to evangelize – most of us don’t even have to go anywhere at all and can start right within their homes, families, marriages, friendships.

Yes, there is probably something you, yes you (and me!) will do best and will use your skills to the maximum with… but at the same time, you can work for GOD in ANY job.

Even in your free time.

And you can do it in so many ways.

Even not being an addict is a way of evangelism.

Yes, people will find you weird or strange in a way.
But also, they will see and realize that you have something they don’t have.
I’ve started a new job not too long ago and when you come into a new place, people try to figure you out and you also receive feedback – like it or not, ask for it or not –  and I hear things like “you seem to be happy” or “you don’t seem to worry” from colleagues of mine.
I don’t tell everyone about JESUS all the time.
Yes, I will use every opportunity I can find to speak about HIM.
But also, I HAVE HIM INSIDE of me.
All the time.
Whether I speak about HIM or not.
Whether I work or not.
And no matter where I work.

What lead to these musings was that I was wondering which kind of social or charitable work would suit me best and would glorify GOD the most and would both satisfy me most and also make my work for HIM as efficient as possible.
I was wondering if I should work with abused women, drug addicts, homeless people, or become a probation officer and work with former criminals and yes, pastor is also an option and I am trying to discern whether GOD is calling me into this ministry.

But what I am finding more and more on the way is that I am already and always will be an evangelist.

And that we all are.

So when we are GOD’s children, we will always do some kind of social or charitable work, because there are COUNTLESS drug addicts  – visible and invisible ones!! –  out there.

How will you recognize them, my friend?
What can you do to lead them to where they need to go – to JESUS?
How can you make them want what you have?

I hope and pray that this will inspire, heal and bless you.
And that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in every area of your life and that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you. Always. In JESUS’ name I pray. Amen.

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