Yoga, meditation, tantra and all the other crap of the New Age Movement can kill you!

Meditation and sex are drugs. So is physical exercise. And practicing how to generate your own money – preferably without working! – and your own health and your own happiness – all that is divination!

It is not only addictive and deceptive, also does it infuriate GOD, because it is a sin.

HE is in absolute control of your destiny.

Whether you are a believer or not.

Whether you like it or not.

HE and only HE is your maker, HE created you and only HE decides whether you live or die, whether you are healthy or not, happy or not, wealthy or not.

Everthing else is a lie.

And it is very dangerous.

Why that?

Because when you practice these things, you are giving the devil a legal right to own you.

How do I know all these things?
Because I myself have almost died from them.
I have been tormented and almost killed by a satanist who calls himself enlightened and teaches yoga, tantra and manifesting.
What he truly does is he is a black magician, a satanist and he astrally attacks and influences people, he curses them, puts death spells on them, astrally rapes them – it is the worst torture you can ever imagine and the worst thing is, he is ALLOWED to do it, because people let him in, they opened the door, because they were curious, listened to his meditations, watched his videos, bought his program… I bet many have died because of him – only that there will be no judge who will ever know, at least not on this earth, only the final judgement day will be the day when he will pay!
In my case, this has been going on for more than 6 years now and he has been harassing me every single night. Until JESUS CHRIST got me free!!!
But I am absolutely sure that I am not the only one!
On the outside, he is some sort of self-claimed guru and he even claims to have a girlfriend –  may be true, but certainly not only one woman in the spirit realm, because I saw on his facebook many, many who claim that he is visiting them at night and some even wrote me…
This stuff is real, friends, not fiction!
And you better not get fascinated or curious, because that will open the door!

So what happens when you buy any of this New Age or Eastern teachings / products:
Not only will you NOT get what you came for – peace, safety, joy and happiness and true love…

These are the desires behind the desire for money or power – ALWAYS.

And why are you not getting them, CAN you not get them???

Because the devil doesn’t HAVE them.
He CANNOT sell or give them to you.


So what you will get is only a cheap copy – there’s a counterfit for everything GOD has in the devil’s storehouse:

  • sex  – for love
  • thrill  – for true bliss
  • tormenting demons being quiet for a little while
    until they demand the next “fix”  – for peace
  • temporary numbing of the symptoms only until they come back somewhere else – for healing
  • fake supernatural experiences – for encounters with GOD
  • heresies – for the truth
  • hell – for eternal life

There is NO DOUBT about it, my friends, if you practice any false religion, any eastern technique, regardless if they call it physical exercise or not, they are ALL RELIGIOUS disciplines and you CANNOT practice yoga WITHOUT worshipping hindhu gods!!! Whoever is telling you something else is a liar, just like the devil!

So whatever it is, not only will it not bring you peace and not only will it cost you a lot of money – ALWAYS!

But also, it will give the devil a legal right to own you and believe me, he WILL!
And once you have allowed the devil in, it is very hard to get rid of him again.
Once you have opened a door for demons to enter you, THEY WILL – it’s their job, their entire existence!

And EVERYBODY who is into the occult, practices any of these things, will regret it one day – that’s why SO many people in cults kill themselves, sometimes even all of them together at the same time!
Never ever has anyone heard of true, born again Christians killing themselves – ALWAYS the cults and why is that?
Because Christians are SAVED.

Anyone who is not, can be tormented and haunted and possessed and polluted by demons! That’s nothing new, only that the devil wants you to believe that it is not true – but demons are REAL and so is the devil and so are witches!
You are NOT crazy, you don’t need therapy or pills, you need DELIVERANCE!!!
Demons are persons without bodies, evil persons, they are working for the devil and their only purpose is to help him fulfill his purpose, which is according to

John 10:10
The thief cometh not, but to steal, to kill and to destroy.

That’s all they ever do.
Don’t be deceived, my friend.
In the beginning, you may fall for the lies and you may feel something pleasant and new.
But you, too, like thousands and thousands of others, will find out that it is all fake.
And then you will try to get away from it and stop it.
Like many, many, many before you.
And then, your troubles will start, because the devil never, ever lets someone whom he had in his claws go – never.

He will never let go of a soul he has been able to steal and defile and he will never leave you alone if you have opened a door for him. Nobody can run away from the devil or defeat him by their own power alone – the devil has been around soooo much longer than you and even JESUS CHRIST had to battle with him! Do you really think you can do anything to fight the devil? He is evil beyond measure, BUT he used to be an angel before he fell…not going into this any deeper at the moment, but I know one thing: GOD is so great and generous and full of mercy and love that he allowed and still allows the devil to live and to kill, steal and to destroy until the second coming of JESUS CHRIST. But he made a way to overcome the devil – for HIS people!
There is nothing you yourself can do when you want to get away from the devil!
But GOD teaches us in HIS WORD what to do. There is one solution, only one remedy to help you:


JESUS can save you from the devil and all his cohorts.

If you have gotten yourself into trouble and dabbled in the occult, played around in New Age or Eastern religion oriented circles, went to classes, parties, travelled to Bali and Thailand and India, listened to satanic music, which is basically ANY type of music except worship and gospel music – even “Christian” rock music is satanic!! – did anything which got you into spiritual trouble hence opened doors for the devil and his demons to enter, JESUS can get you FREE!

And just like nowadays, everybody knows that it is much better and much wiser never to start taking drugs or smoking, because it’s exremely hard to get out of it, it is the very same with ANY of the New Age stuff or yoga or tantra or meditation or zen or shamanism or wicca or whatever it is – better to not even ever start!

I mean if you are already in there, you will most likely not get out without the help of an experienced deliverance minister.
I can truly recommend my Pastor, Pastor Felix Uankhoba, he can help you!
You can find him at

And other sources are:

Derek Prince (books and talks on youtube)
MrPastor77 (excellent library of prayers on youtube!)

These are some of the sources online where I myself found help.
BUT you will NEED a church and a pastor where you can go regularly, where they will pray with you and for you and where you can connect with fellow believers – depending on how severely you are affected by any of the enemy’s agents or methods, you may need a long time of support until you can get free.

Whatever you do though, the first, foremost and most important thing is that you STOP any of these occult things!
At least if you don’t want to go to hell???

Revelation 21:8
But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

AND GET A BIBLE if you don’t have one and start reading it!!!

And you need to confess everything to JESUS, REPENT of your sins, ask for forgiveness and STOP doing it!

And if you want, you can pray this salvation prayer with me right now:

Heavenly father, I am a sinner and I repent of all my sins, of everything I have ever done against you, I am truly sorry and I ask your forgiveness for all my sins. I believe in The Lord JESUS CHRIST, I believe that HE is the SON OF GOD and that YOU rose HIM from the dead. I believe in life eternal and I ask YOU, LORD JESUS, to come into my heart right now! I want to give my life to you, want to live for you and I ask you to be my LORD and saviour! Please save my life and let me be your child, let me belong to you, LORD! In JESUS’ name I pray! Amen.

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