When GOD is teaching us to say “no!”

There is a thin line between wanting to be like JESUS and loving our enemies and letting the enemy do with us whatever he likes and thus displeasing OUR FATHER.

And it is SO hard to know the difference between the two and to discern what GOD actually wants us to do in the specific situation.

How CAN we tell the difference then?

The answer is WE can’t!

Only HE can tell us!

James 1:5
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

That’s actually why the gift of discernment is called a gift and especially one of the gifts of The Holy Spirit!

It’s because it is not US who discern – we can’t even!

There are no RULES or we cannot LEARN to discern – discernment is actually and truly a practice of total surrender, of kneeling down, of stepping side and totally submitting everything WE believe or think and asking to HEAR from OUR FATHER and asking HIM to reveal the truth to us.

Discernment is a spiritual practice!

Asking for THE TRUTH and doing so repeatedly, all the time even.

THAT’S HOW GOD builds a relationship with us!

By teaching us that we know nothing, that we are nothing, that we cannot do it alone, that we have to ask HIM for everything, all the time!

If we don’t, we won’t know the truth, won’t follow the right track, won’t take the right turns, won’t start or stop at the right time and last, but not least, won’t get the right results.

Jeremiah 29:11
11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

We cannot know what GOD is thinking, cannot even learn to know how HE ticks –  we can be a professor in psychiatry and pretty much know how every type of personality is wired, but this is GOD we are talking about – HE MADE US!

Have you ever created anything?

A painting?

A knitted jumper?

A pie?

Surely, you have created something, many things in your life – at least some chaos like all of us…

And I bet you that none of them knew more about you than you knew about them.

Am I right?

So we cannot know more about HIM than HE knows about us –  right?
Make sense?

Let alone can we know how HE is made or how HE thinks or what HIS intentions or  thoughts are!

HE knows the end, even our very end from the beginning –  we don’t, we never do!

What we CAN do though is ask.

And listen.

Not only when we ask, but also when The Holy Spirit wants to reveal something to us – a word of wisdom, or of knowledge, a prophetic insight…

“no, don’t do that!”
“that’s somebody’s husband/wife!”
“you will end up drinking and fornicating when you go there!”
“they are up to no good, be careful!”

Whatever it is, it may be GOD telling you something very important:
And one thing is for sure:
there will be consequences if you don’t listen!
Not only will it not be beneficial for you relationship with HIM, but also will it most of the time mean that you will FALL.
Yes, just like satan.
He was and is just like us.
He wanted to do things in his own little way, wanted to have what he wanted to have and not what GOD wanted him to have.
And look at him now…
Look at all those who are his and with him…

And then look at JESUS and HIS people.

The choice is not a hard one to make, now, is it?

So will you listen, my friend?
And will you ask?
Will you yield?

Sometimes, this is the 3rd category of things we do wrong – (1. when we don’t ask and 2. when we don’t listen) – is when we don’t understand.

GOD wants us to be well.
And happy.
And to prosper and to be healthy.

When something bad comes our way or is sent to our life, it is NEVER from GOD.

Sometimes we think HE wants us to suffer through something and then we don’t do anything about it.
We think our trials are from HIM.
Some people even refer to it as “their thorn” like the one Paul was struggling with all his life.

Me, personally, I don’t believe this is what GOD does.
HE may allow the devil to do it, to tempt us, to test us – like HE allowed Job to be tested.
Or like HE tested Abraham when HE commanded him to sacrifice his only son.
BUT that’s different.
It will be for a reason.
And for a season only.
Plus, GOD wants us to grow out of it, to overcome it, to speak to HIM about it, to ask HIM to remove it, so that HIS name can be glorified!

This last category is the most tricky one – it takes the most obedience, because we can not approach or solve it by logic, can not know what it is supposed to be – it can be HE commands us to endure, it may be HE wants us to learn to stand and say “no!” – even to HIM!
HE loves obedience, but HE also wants HIS people to know that HE is ALWAYS good and that HE will always bring them out of trouble, out of Egypt and that can be the discipline HE wants us to learn as well! It can be that HE wants us to realize that we indeed HAVE this connection with HIM and that we indeed CAN ask HIM to do something for us and HE will hear our prayer!

It is not easy to have a relationship with GOD.
But HE is GOD, not a human person –  and HE knows so much more than we do and HE is worthy.
Worthy of our trust, worthy of following HIM, running to HIM, asking HIM, doing what we believe HE is telling us and also of TREATING HIM like a FATHER, not like some unpredictable source of goodness every once in a while.

A FATHER ALWAYS wants our best!
We can run to a FATHER and EXPECT him to help us and to fight for us when we are wronged and to save us when we are in trouble!
Who else would we go to?
Who else would we tell when we are desperate?

GOD wants to be this father to everyone of us –  and even though HE hates murmuring and disobedience, sometimes HE wants to see that we trust HIM to not let things happen to us –  and to call on HIM in a manner which says (please pray along with me):

“Heavenly FATHER, this is not right. This cannot be the life you have planned for me! YOU  cannot want me to be so…………………………………………………..(desperate, lonely, ill, poor, unsuccessful – put whatever troubles you the most).
I rebuke and refuse this situation, this life circumstance today, in JESUS’ name, and I ask YOU, FATHER, to take this yoke from me right now, to break this curse over my life, to remove this burden, because I am YOUR CHILD, I am a daughter/son of the king and I am loved by YOU and under YOUR shield, under YOUR protection and there is a spiritual hedge around me, because I belong to JESUS. And I say “no!” to this, “no” to the devil, because he is a liar and he can not prevail in my life! YOU have come so that we may have LIFE and that we may have it more abundantly and I am taking YOU by YOUR word and by YOUR promise today, FATHER, and asking you to break this yoke from off my neck right now, in JESUS’ name! Amen.”




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