Have you ever been to The Holy Land, my friend?

If you had, you would have noticed that in Israel, nobody ever doubts that JESUS did indeed live there so many years ago.
In fact, even in the rest of the world, nobody hardly ever doubts that fact that JESUS CHRIST lived according to what the bible says, because there is too much evidence that THE LORD truly lived there and that the reports are true, that the bible is true.
When they want to weaken or destroy the truth of THE WORD, they usually do not question or deny that JESUS lived and that HE lived at the time and places the bible tells us that HE did.
They usually start to criticize, question or deny the truth that JESUS IS LORD at some other point:
most popular theories seem to move around one of these claims, either they deny that JESUS is THE SON OF GOD (like islam or jehova’s witnesses or they dilute HIS holiness with their idols, the pope or mother mary for instance and all the gazillions of saints the catholics have) or they deny the resurrection.
There are many theories about what could have happened instead.
The resurrection, THE LORD’s resurrection and resurrection in general is one of the main central points of Christianity.
It has been foretold many times, by the prophets and by JESUS himself.
And it has come to pass.
Not only that, it has given Christianity and CHRIST’s ministry and the ministries of the Apostles an entire new dimension and power, the authority of THE HOLY GHOST, when HE came down on them and when their anointing was so strong that they converted thousands of souls (!!) in one day!
It is, together with the cross and JESUS’ death for us thereon, one of the main reasons for the hope every Christian is carrying inside their heart, their soul and their entire spirit, the hope every Christian is filled with: the hope and the promise of eternal life through JESUS’ death for us AND through HIS resurrection.
Because they are the 2 main proofs that we have that everything in the bible is true.
Because many people have seen it.
Have seen HIM die.
AND have seen HIM 3 days later and more – ALIVE and well.
As HE is to this day.
There are eyewitnesses – go ahead and read about it in the bible or even in other sources.
People who follow the enemy, his agenda’s and many fake cults and organisations would want to make us believe that it never happened.
They try and fool us into believing that instead of the resurrection, something else happened, for instance the JESUS wasn’t dead, but in a deep trance, because HE was a yogi and could reduce his heart rate so low that people would think that HE was dead, but truly HE was not.
Or that it was the wrong tomb.
Or some other crap.
I don’t even need to mention other theories here for everybody to know in their hearts and in their souls that it is THE TRUTH.
JESUS CHRIST died on the cross and arose from the dead 3 days later.
Pray about it.
Ask GOD about it.
HE will tell you that it is true!
But also many, many historians will tell you.
Not only the bible.
There is so much evidence!
And why would so many things the bible tells us be true and not this?
If you had been to the Holy Land, you would not doubt at all that JESUS was alive, that everything in the bible truly happened!
I had guides there on my tours who weren’t Christians and also many people on the buses were not.
But nobody who was there could even have the slightest doubt if JESUS had been there more than 2000 years ago. Just like when you go to Egypt and visit the Pyramids or the other grave sites or the Egyptian Museum, you will see all the evidence that the Pharaohs were alive… there IS no doubt.
Me personally, I could feel the spirit of THE LORD the strongest in The Garden Tomb. Some people doubt that it was the place where JESUS was truly buried –  for me, there is no doubt that it was there, not where all the tourists go, where the big church is and where all the Greek Orthodox Golden Lamps are hanging  – for me, that’s where the enemy wants us to go and worship OUR LORD, so that we would worship an idol and the spirit of mammon…
In the Garden Tomb was where I spent my most holy moments when I was in Jerusalem.
I felt THE LORD there and I was sad about what they did to HIM.
Not that I am not sad many other times and in many other places, but there, it was as if I had been there and had seen it…
I didn’t have doubts when I went to The Holy Land, but yet, it made everything I believed in so much easier to believe, I like to say that it gave my faith almost a new dimension to see all the places the bible talks about, made my faith and everything in the bible even more REAL.
I thought I’d share these thoughts with you all and those of you not believing yet or finding it hard to believe that JESUS is LORD in the first place may want to go explore from this angle, from reading about all the evidence that JESUS lived in Israel and died in Jerusalem and then after doing a little research, reading it the bible as well and asking their spirit and the spirit of GOD about THE TRUTH…
THE TRUTH IS that HE IS ALIVE today, because HE HAS RISEN.
GOD bless you and keep you my friend!

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