About tithing

When you google the term “tithing”, you will most likely very soon land on one or the other page where it is discussed whether tithing is still required or whether you are allowed to stop tithing when you are in debt or while paying back your debt.

To me, this is similar to a discussion about whether or not the 10 commandments are still valid today or not and whether or not you are allowed to take a break from obeying them while you are in prison.


Or another thing – when you google “Daniel fast”, you will land on soooooo many sites where they tell you what you can and cannot eat while on a Daniel fast. Recipes, rules etc. To make it pleasant and easier to do it…

This is the logic of the enemy!

Fasting is not  a diet, just like tithing is neither an option nor is it a duty!!

What GOD does and offers, is something very hard to understand for our human minds and the modern way of thinking:
nothing is “allowed” or “forbidden”, that’s not what HIS word or HIS ways of forming a covenant is about!
It is not about you giving more or less than 10% or fasting eating this and not this, following human rules about it and then GOD will do something for you.


WE can NOT MAKE GOD do anything!

We could even do everything HE says in HIS word and HE would still not do anything for us if we did it for the wrong motives!!

What GOD OUR FATHER is offering us is a covenant.
And HIS protection.

Nothing is or is not allowed.
That’s not what it is about!
It is about dedication and devotion.

HE wants US, not our situative obedience.
Yes, HE does love obedience, but that’s not enough for HIM!
HE is not a switch that we can turn on or off whenever we like.
HE wants ALL of us.
At ALL times.
Wants us to make HIM our first priority!
The “first fruit” of everything and “first” is meant literally!
So if you want my recommendation and advice, whenever you receive money or finances, not matter where they come from and no matter how much it is, give GOD 10% of them before you buy anything else!

GOD wants us to think of HIM and to interact with HIM all the time, our entire lives long.

Just like the enemy.
Only that GOD will give back and the devil never does.

And what GOD will give us back is immeasureable.


Worth a fortune.

Every time!

HE will protect us, guide us and we will have a place in heaven.

Sometimes giving 10% (or HIS other requirements) can feel as if HE is asking a lot.
10% and the first fruit of whatever we get – no matter where it comes from and no matter how bad we need it.
If it ever seems too much for you to give 10% of all you receive to HIM, can you imagine the price HE payed for buying YOU???
What HE gave up so that YOU can be saved?

Maybe this will help you to be absolutely strict with that rule:
10% of everything you receive.
No matter what!

Sometimes it even seems that we cannot pay our tithes.
In fact, when you are truly following GOD and live completely for HIM, you will most likely have many times in your life when your finances will be extremely tight.
Because the enemy wants you to quit, wants you to leave the covenant, wants you to go astray so that he can get you or most likely get you  back – the devil never, ever gives up!

But I can tell you from my own experience and from many, many testimonies I have heard about tithing.
The more serious you take paying your tithes, the more I can guarantee you (it’s really not me guaranteeing it, but GOD 🙂 ) that you will somehow always have enough even though you will never know how and you won’t ever lack anything!
It is when you don’t pay them (because you think you can’t) when you are in financial trouble.

GOD is good.
And GOD is faithful.
HE will provide and take care of you.
The more you do what HE says and the more you dedicate your entire life to HIM, the better your life will get.
And of course, you won’t and shouldn’t believe one woman’s promise for important matters of your life, so how about you study what HE says about it?

Here are a few scriptures about tithing:

Genesis 14: 20

Genesis 28: 20 – 22

Leviticus 27: 30 – 32

Numbers 18: 20-32

Deuteronomy 12: 5-11

Deuteronomy 14: 22 – 29

Deuteronomy 26: 12 – 15

2 Chronicles 31: 5 – 12

Nehemiah 13: 5 – 12

Amos 4: 4

Malachi 3: 8 – 10

Matthew 23: 23

Luke 11: 42

Luke 18: 12

Hebrews 7: 5 – 9

I am sure that your finances will improve if you start (or resume) tithing and be very strict about it – no matter what happens. But don’t take my word for it – try GOD yourself! HE is not a man that HE can lie!

GOD bless you, my friend, may HE shine His face upon you and bless you richly in all areas of your life and may HE keep you. Always. In JESUS’ name I pray! Amen.






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