Are you (going) CRAZY?

If you are under attack of the enemy, this will be your most prominent and onmipresent challenge:

That you will be completely isolated, at least in the Western World, even in Western oriented churches.
And isolation can be very harmful and hurtful.
Especially if you believe that you are crazy – you might get really, really desperate, might even think about ending your own life…
Actually, I believe many, if not all suicides are caused by the devil, getting demons telling people things that make them believe their life is not worth living any longer…

Truth is that you might try to tell people what is going on or you may not even…

Nobody “out there” will believe you when you try to tell them that you are being harassed by evil spirits – in your sleep, in your mind, in your body, in your outside life circumstances.

Regarding on what the enemy is doing to you, what he is allowed to do by the doors you opened or by your ancestors having trangressed the commandments and laws of GOD, your life will be very, very difficult.

I know what I am talking about.

I’ve been there myself!
For many years!

And the first thing I myself thought was that I was going crazy, loosing my mind, loosing my marbles!

We are SO conditioned to believe that INSTEAD of understanding what is really going on:

demonic attacks!

In fact, psychology and psychotherapy were INVENTED by the enemy to explain away demon possession and to reroute everyone struggling with these issues.
Back in the days before telling your shrink, you would have told your pastor and he would have known what to do:

he would have known what to do, how to pray, how to get you free.
At least back in the days he would have.
That the churches today are infiltrated and demonised, too, is another problem and a topic for another time.

But a pastor who is properly trained and equipped for spiritual warfare and intercession on your behalf, who can get you free in JESUS’ name – he is the very LAST person the enemy wants you to go to – and why is that you think?
Right, because it works!
Because there is a remedy for demons and the devil and that’s the name of JESUS CHRIST.
HIS name and HIS power can get you free, it is the only thing and authority which can.
And the devil knows that.
There are many places in the bible where it is made clear that the demons ALL know JESUS’ name and who HE is and that they have to obey when HE commands them out!
Instead of quoting them for you here, I suggest and I highly recommend – especially if you are struggling with this problem – that you go and look them up yourself, that you get your bible or buy one if you don’t own one, get on the internet, search for scripture to expel demons, spiritual warfare – it is the ONLY thing that can help you, psychology and psychotherapy will only get you into deeper spiritual trouble!

I think I have mentioned this before, but again, please do your own research about it, don’t take my word.
Carl Jung, one of the fathers of psychology and psychotherapy, he himself in his own early writings admits where his findings come from!
He is talking about channelling an “evil spirit”, which gave him all the information about animus and anima and about the archetypes. In his later writings, he simply stopped mentioning where these concepts come from, but still uses them, in fact, the entire therapy world is now using them and they come from the enemy!

Do you really think the enemy wants you to find out the truth?

Think again!

Do you think he wants you to know that you can get FREE from these problems by PRAYER????

Absolutely not!

That’s why he is promoting and proclaiming an entire industry about mental health issues! And the medical industry, too, is leading you to your doctor instead of going to the only Doctor able to heal everything: DOCTOR JESUS!
But that, too, is another issue for another article.

What I am here to tell you today is:

If you are being harassed by evil spirits – and you will KNOW that I am speaking to you if you are!!! – you are NOT CRAZY!


AND you do not need a therapist!

I can GUARANTEE you that you don’t!
Because I used to be one myself!

And I gained so much insight in all the bogus and lies of that “scene” to definitely tell you and to know for sure that one thing you will most certainly NOT find there is mental SANITY!!!

On the contrary!
Just like you will not find love in a brothel, you will not be cured from any mental disease through a therapist – regardless of his methods!
There is only ONE exception:
if the therapist is a believer and if he is brave enough to recognize that most of his patients need deliverance and not therapy and if he either cooperates with a church or does deliverance prayers in JESUS’ name himself with his patients and only uses his “outer shell”, his label, for evangelism and for getting the captives free.
That will be the only therapist ever who will get you anywhere better – ALL the other ones will only make you worse, will get you defiled and infected with more demonic deposits and infiltrations and pollutions…


And if you don’t know where to go or what to do or to read, I have a few suggestions for you:

first, you could check out Derek Prince, he has a lot of teachings, books and videos out there and you will find that he is absolutely NOT crazy at all, but a highly intelligent man who found out the truth

there are some other blogs out there, which I can 100% recommend – my very favorite one – and there’s tons of info about demons and about the various lies and methods of the enemy in it is

another very good page I like a lot is
tons of info there and audios and videos as well.

Last, but not least, there is someone who can help you definitely:

My Pastor, Pastor Felix!
He is from Nigeria and the more you do research about demons and witchcraft, the more you will come across knowledge from Afrika, because there, it is common knowledge that the devil and demons and witches are REAL and they know how to get free and how to deal with these issues, for them it is natural, they grow up with it, they are not conditioned into believing that the kingdom of the enemy is not real, they KNOW it IS!

He can help you and you can get in contact with him here:

GOD bless you, my friend!
You, too, can be free!
I pray that you will get deliverance today, in JESUS’ name!

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