Whenever “something is dead” in your life, look for the sin!

Romans 6:23
23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

It’s just one sentence… and it is very easy to understand  – at least at first sight…

It took me a few years of learning though to understand it the way I do today.

Maybe I can add a new perspective or a few missing pieces to your understanding of these principles today, my friend…?

For what I know today, what it means is this:

whenever you discover something dead – not a complete death of a person, but an area of their life which is dead, not working, dysfunctional, rotten, destroyed…

then, you need to look for the sin behind it.

And there you have the reason for the death, it is a consequence of what they or their ancestors have done. It is not only them, but also their ancestors, because some sins infuriate OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN that much, that HE said in HIS word that HE will persecute it to generations later.

Since OUR FATHER is not a respecter of persons, this goes for everybody who will commit a sin.

Only we as HIS children have the possibility to be FORGIVEN and still have eternal life with HIM  – IF WE REPENT!!! – and yet, that doesn’t mean we will be spared of the CONSEQUENCES of your sins, the WAGES.


Overeating, not fasting, not controlling the flesh, not taking care of the temple GOD gave you.
The sin is gluttony, the consequence is, you can get diabetes or other diseases, your system will not work properly any longer – some functions or even entire organs may die…
There will be things you won’t be able to do any longer if you become too overweight. People may reject you, exclude you, you will have difficulties finding clothes, you will not look good and not feel good, will become sad and perhaps lonely… your emotional life will become worse, perhaps you will get depressed…

Can you see how these are all little deaths?

On the other hand, if you live an obedient life, take care of your temple, don’t eat too much, fast regularly, GOD will give you life.
Ok, I admit, in most cases, it is not as simple as that!
But then you will have to admit that in most, if not in ALL cases there is more than one sin involved 😉

If you are a good Christian and love THE LORD and keep his other commandments and repent of your sins of gluttony and stop eating too much (of course, you have to stop committing the sin, too!!), you will most likely not die and perhaps even live many years longer, but your pancreas may be and stay dead and you may stay a diabetic for the rest of your life.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe GOD can and does heal these cases and I pray that HE will heal you if you are affected and afflicted.
I was just pointing out how this happened, trying to make you see how you or anyone may have got there.

And that is to make you see that wherever there is something broken or not working any longer, looking for the sin, which lead there, which gave the enemy the right to cause this death, that will be the main and first requirement to get it right, to fix it, to come to terms with GOD and to ask for HIS healing – and to be heard.
HE will not hear you if you don’t fulfill your part of the deal!

That’s just one example to make it clear what is the sin and what is the wage of the sin and what is the grace and the gift of GOD.

In this case (or in any case), is it GOD then who will give you diabetes or poverty or divorce or depression?

Of course not!

The evil is always caused by the devil.


But the thing is, when you sin, you give him a legal right to cause some death in you or in your life.
Especially when you don’t repent and don’t follow JESUS.
It may go well for a while.
Then, when HIS grace ends, GOD will remove HIS protection from you.
And LET the enemy do his thing: kill, steal and destroy.
Let him send his demons into you, into your body, into your finances, into your family, into your job, into your relationships.
It won’t be long until something will be destroyed, until something will die.
Because that’s what the enemy does and what he does to anyone who will let him.
And what GOD does is HE will let you decide whom you want to be ruling over your life – HIM or the devil.
It is your choice and your choice alone.
GOD will never force himself on you.
HE will come and be there whenever you call on HIM  – BUT it may cost you a change of lifestyle, repentance, true remorse and some time of seriously seeking HIM, before HE will hear you and it may also take some other actions to rebuke and renounce the sin in your life, to sanctify yourself and cleanse yourself from the sin you were living in.

So who would let the devil destroy their lives?
Not only those who deliberately commit sin in spite of knowing better.
Also ALL unbelievers, for instance.
It doesn’t take much to live in sin – ignorance is enough!
Not knowing what the commandments and sins actually ARE.
Failing to study GOD’s word and learning what HE warns us about – I myself have been guilty of that for many years and I have payed a very high price for it, the enemy almost succeeded in killing me! Not just one or a few little deaths, but the full monty! I did lose a lot though – my marriage died, my business, all of what I call “my old life”… GOD has been gracious and faithful to me though. Praise HIM!

Why do many unbelievers seem to be successful, healthy, happy, jetsetting around the world, being superstars, pretty, handsome, sexy?
The answer is very easy:
the devil leaves them alone and doesn’t harm them, because he HAS their soul.
They are ALL living in sin.
You can take my word for it.
If you had insight into their lives (mostly, it will be enough to just see them from the outside in order to be able to identify the sins in which they live), you would know how deeply entangled they are with sin and with things of the devil.
And as long as they are, he will let them live.
Will let them live and serve him before they got to hell – how generous of him!
Most of them are not even happy in their luxurious lives anyway…

For me personally, the lesson is very clear:

Sin is always fun in the beginning, that’s why the devil gets us to sin in the first place!

And if there was no consequence of it, if we didn’t have to live with the following “deaths” and blame ourselves for them, we would ALL live in sin – including me!

But once you have learned your lesson, at least that is true for me, you’ll see that it’s not worth it.

That NOTHING and NOBODY is worth losing OUR FATHER’s favour and protection for, losing HIS gift, eternal life!

As for me, I can honestly say that I am doing my very, very best to stay away from sin and to watch myself, observe what I do, say, even think, so that I would be without sin as much as I possibly can. Since I am human and not perfect like JESUS, I do sin every once in a while, nobody except HIM is without sin! We all do lie, lust, covet, steal or gossip or take GOD’s name in vain occasionally – but we have the opportunity to be cleansed and forgiven through repentance!

What I can say about my life is that GOD has reversed a few of the deaths the enemy had manifested in my life because of my sins… HE may even reverse more of them, bring back more areas and aspects of my life to LIFE.

I hope and pray that HE would do the same for you, my friend!

And as usual, I hope and pray that HE would bless you richly in all areas of your life, that HE would protect you, guide you and keep you and shine HIS face upon you. Always. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.



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