HIS miraculous ways…

There are many stories I could tell about how HE does miracles all the time…

Today, I will tell you about how HE let me find “my” church, my true spiritual family!

When I first got attacked by the enemy, a.k.a. by the satanic, psychopathic wizard who has been trying to kill me for more than 6 years now (I already talked about him a little here in previous articles and he will not be the topic today), I was overwhelmed and thrust into a deep, dark hole.

It took me years to get out of it, years to find out how and where to find help when having to face these issues.

On my quest, THANK GOD, I got saved and born again.
I thought I had been a Christian, turned out I had been wrong… this realization is the goodness that came out of all the misery I went through before I got saved.

So my savior came and rescued me! It didn’t happen in a church though!

And that’s part of the reason why the enemy is SO successful, because we, the ones who are afflicted and under attack and overwhelmed, we don’t have anywhere to go when it happens, we cannot find help and the right information out there, at least not easily!

I had to search A LOT and for a long time.

And I thought it actually is a shame that Christians cannot get liberated from the devil by their savior JESUS CHRIST in a church, which is supposed to be the body of CHRIST.

Don’t you agree?

Why is the church nowadays not doing what JESUS did back in the days when HE was with us in the flesh?
Why are they not teaching, healing AND casting out devils – just like HE did?

Well, I believed and I still believe that it is because they themselves are blinded and ensnared by the enemy! Many of them, but not all of them…

I refused to be part of a church, which would not see and teach this truth and which would not help people get free!

And I kept searching.

It took a lot of prayer and a lot of time to find the accurate books, teachers, what happened a lot was when I discovered one that I liked and one whom I considered to be “pure and clean” in his teachings, I did some research and I had to find out that he was already dead….

I kept praying and asking THE LORD to lead me to “my” church – and I came to believe at some point, that I would have to go to Africa in order to find it.
The African books I came across contained the knowledge I was looking for!
I was frustrated that nobody here in our churches ever even talked about these subjects!

I was suffering, like a rescue dog… on the streets spiritually, looking for my home…

When I had applied for this job in London a few months ago, I thought it would be good to be in a big city with many foreigners and I thought, perhaps I could find an African Church there if I would live there one day.

As you may or may not know, I didn’t get the job and I was very sad about it, especially since I believed that THE LORD had called me to live in London.

What I myself had almost forgotten about was that I had bought a ticket for a concert in London in April, hoping, praying and believing that I would live there by the time.

I was so frustrated about not getting the job, tiffing, that I didn’t feel like going to London when April came… I was willing to let the ticket go.

But I felt this strong urge to go to London in anyway, not really knowing what to do there, it seemed too crazy to go there only for a concert… but the pull was so strong that I believed it was THE LORD wanting me to go, so I went…
I got there and went to the concert… it was nice, but it was also a bit sad, because I had bought it and was reminded of my hopes to live in London… still had no idea how to realize this and still no trace or sign of “my African Church” whatsoever…

But I was determined to at least find, visit and test a few African Churches in London while I was there!

Strangely, even though I knew that the city is full of them, it was hard to find any and when I did, they were closed or had moved or nobody answered the phone or my emails.

I was beginning to be frustrated even more – and I kept praying harder!

One day, I had enough and I decided to go to a district where I had seen a few of them online and ask around, walk around and seek… it was a Friday night…
I looked on google where there would be a service and I found an African Church with a Friday night service at 7 pm.
I was excited!

I was a little early, went looking for the address and for the building and I got there a few minutes before 7 –  to find that nobody was there and that the building was locked.
I asked a few people, nobody knew anything….
I walked around the building – and there they were!!
I saw them singing and dancing and worshipping inside this building, I immediately knew that THIS was MY CHURCH.
Only did I not know where the entrance was and how to get in.

I only knew I HAD TO!

So I knocked and asked about the other church in the building… the brother opening the door must have been really surprised about this strange, white woman, so desperate to find a church…. but he was kind enough to let me in!

The rest is history 🙂

When I stepped into the door, the service had already been going on for almost an hour… and I was part of it in less than 1 second!

I instantly knew that this was MY pastor and that the other people in this room were MY TRUE SPIRITUAL FAMILY.

Can you imagine, a quest of many years, a journey of more than 600 miles from my home town, in the middle of a huge city, London, and then in a building that doesn’t even look like a church from the outside, you have to know that there is a church inside in order to find it – well, at least if you are without The Holy Spirit leading you!

What a joy!

There is so much we have in common and have to share with each other –  like a family, we have all been waiting for each other and many things in our lives did not make any sense  – until GOD lead us together.

Like it says on the website, GOD’s love is stronger than the wickedness of the devil.

Needless to mention that the sermon I walked into was about faith… and the following Sunday, I had the pleasure, the honor and the satisfaction to see and hear that I was completely right, had been all along – and that the questions I had been plagued with do find their answers where they should: inside the Church! – the sermon was about deliverance from witchcraft and demons!
As if I hadn’t already known that I belonged there!
And guess what?
When I discovered they could use some help with creating a website, that was my first contribution, so that others like me, others desperately looking for a church which has the answers they need, would be able to find their way to the church and to Pastor Felix, who knows all about what people who are troubled by the enemy need.

Here you are:


I hope and pray that this would heal, inspire, help and bless you.
And that THE LORD would bless you richly in all areas of your life, that HE may keep you and shine HIS face upon you. Always. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.

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