Using facebook for JESUS

Very recently, a few days ago, I decided to sign back up on facebook.

I had left there many years ago, because I thought it was too fake and filthy and also, I read too much about how they spy on you and steal your confidential data…

Then, I decided to go back –  mainly for 1 reason:
it is a good place to connect to strangers, especially to the ones who need JESUS the most!
The lonely ones, the empty ones, the hidden homeless ones, the addicted ones, addicted to porn, addicted to masturbation, addicted to sending a stranger filthy messages or fotos… all driven and polluted by the spirit of lust  – or by some other troubles.

And guess what: I was completely right!

I cannot believe what is going on there!

I did not even chose a sexy picture or one where I look particularly good, it is the same picture I have here, I want to make a point by NOT looking my best here – I am NOT looking for a man online!

And still, there are SO many lonely people there online and even though I did not leave a doubt that I would not chat, I got so many messages, you would not believe it!
Almost 500 friend requests in less than 2 days and almost all men and almost ALL of them sent me a message, even though I posted I would not chat and many tried to call me before I learned how to turn the video calls off –  that is SOOOOOO sad!

I mean what do they expect to get on facebook from a completely strange woman???

And then the pictures they all post, half naked, displaying themselves like some goods on the shelves in a supermarket, showing (off) whatever they can, even their houses, cars or where they have travelled… it is really pathetic and I am not saying this because I am looking down on them, I feel for them, it literally breaks my heart to see all this emptyness and shallowness and hopelessness, this spiritual poverty!

If only they had the slightest clue why they are really there, on facebook.

Why they are aching…. lacking……

At least they are searching, trying to fill the hole inside.

At least they somehow know something is wrong and missing.

What they don’t know is that it is NOT a partner or a new house or a new car or a new holiday to another tropical destination, let alone is it anything I could say to them or reply to their messages or give them in return to their sad approaches –  most of them are muslims or hindhus and they are displaying their spiritual illness SO openly that I want to scream at them:


Well, some of them, some of you, my so called “friends” on facebook may see this, may be touched by it, may think about it…

At least that’s what I hope and pray for.

And that is definitely the one and only reason why I am back on facebook:
to fish for souls for JESUS!

The enemy knows how to use social media for his purposes –  in fact, he is all over the place there, most likely, he even invented the internet in order to increase his kingdom – and I would say, sadly, it seems to be working – all these filthy, slimy pictures and posts and videos  –  it is literally luring everywhere and you are supposed to get turned on all the time – not only on facebook, all over the internet!

Well, I guess we need to play along and use his means against him, don’t we?

If I can catch some souls for THE LORD by putting myself out there –  fine! If these men have to desire me first in order to then find HIM, that’s alright by me!

If only ONE of them would give his life to THE LORD because of my facebook activities, I will be very, very glad!!

It is SO pointless to look on facebook for love! If they have no other place where they can look for what they need and ache for, we might as well let them find it there, let them find GOD’s love there – at least that’s what I will do!

I will do my best to tell everyone I meet, not only offline, but also on facebook, all these seeking souls out there, about the GOOD NEWS, about JESUS!

Will you join me, my friend?

My Christian brothers and sisters, I have a question for you today:

are you using your social media for JESUS already or could you do that more?
Can you post more about HIM?
Can you be more open about your beliefs?
Do you have a facebook friend whom you suspect to be lonely or spiritually in trouble? And if so, can you send them a message, something about THE LORD?

As usual, I hope and pray that this would inspire, heal or bless you.
And that THE LORD would bless you richly in all areas of your life, that HE may keep you and shine HIS face upon you. Always. In JESUS’ name I pray. Amen.

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