The villains are always the victims!

When you think about it, it is not too hard to figure this one out… we all know it in a way… what is hard about it is when it is personal and when we ourselves got hit.

Consider your own outbreaks – when you got violent, lost control, hit someone perhaps or crossed some line, perhaps only verbally, but still, words can be weapons, too!

Where were you coming from?
What was your starting point?

Not at peace, I suppose.
Not at peace at all!

You (me, too, of course! I am no different from anyone, I am a sinner and in desperate need of my savior!) were most likely upset, out of control, you literally lost it.

Am I right?

So when you think back, before you had this outbreak, something must have happened.
Something severe!


Well, that’s what we all have in common with them, with really violent transgressors, perpetrators, violators, penetrators, rapists, hurters, harmers, thieves, murderers!

They must have been hurt first!

Maybe in their childhood, causing a mental disorder, maybe something else is behind their act of violence.

I have another proposition and from my experience and from what I have learned, in many, most, perhaps even in all cases of violence, there is a demon or some sort of satanic power involved!

How do I know?

First and foremost, from what has been thrown against me during the last 6 years.
These astral attacks by this warlock (I’ve told you about it, at least a little) have been so painful and so incredibly cruel and I sent him millions and millions of emails asking him to stop and leave me alone, I wrote to all his facebook friends, usually, I also write to his present girlfriend to fill them in – and yet, he has not stopped psychically and astrally harassing and molesting and attacking me!

NO human would have just continued to do what they do, without any reaction!
Unless they are driven!
Unless they HAVE to do what they do!

What makes a person compulsive, obsessed?

Scientists may say it is a mental disorder.

I say it is the devil.

What is interesting about it is that when you research the history and preferences of famous psychopaths, you often find that they are either victims of abuse themselves or that they were actively involved in the occult –  or both.

Hitler, for instance, literally so obsessed with the idea of creating a “clean race”, was deeply admiring and adoring one of the leading satanists and occultists at the time (perhaps even today) Aleister Crowley. He was influenced by one of Crowley’s students, Dietrich Eckart.
Just google “Hitler and Crowley” and you will find so much about it!

I won’t give any more examples, because this is not a scientific article, none of my writings are scientific, I am not a scientist, my intention is even to NOT give you all the information it takes to prove my point, because I don’t even want you to believe me – I want you to do your own research, want you to ask YOUR FATHER about it YOURSELF.

NOBODY can have a relationship with GOD FOR YOU, nobody can receive answers from OUR FATHER FOR YOU – yes, there is such a thing as prophetic words, but there is so much abuse about them and I would say, they are in many cases not from GOD, but from the devil or one of his demons –  but that’s a completely different topic!

So what I want to unwind, shed some light on, expose or explain if you want to put it that way, give some information that I have been given – and again, I do not claim to have known or found this myself, in MY world and in my understanding, this has been revealed to me by THE HOLY SPIRIT, but what YOU have to do, ALWAYS, no matter if it is I who says something or anyone else, including your pastor or bishop, is YOU have to seek THE LORD about it! YOU have to ask HIM if this is of THE HOLY GHOST, if this is something HE wants you to learn or know! – so my aim today is to show you what I call “the chain of violence”.

It is as if you have stepped into a zone, as if you have become member of a club, as if you have bought a ticket to a train… it doesn’t really matter if you are the victim or the perpetrator, violence IS a spirit and when it enters you, your life or one (usually that will not be enough!) or more of your relationships, then, things and people really get vicious!

And the sad truth is that we all, most of the time, do not even see what is happening.
Do not have a clue that the devil is playing his evil game with us!

John 10: 10
The thief cometh not, but to kill, steal and destroy. I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.

Of course, being attacked hurts!
I have been there and I still am there!

BUT, do not let it distract you from what you need to do about it!
And what you need to do about it is not fight with the person – I know, I am guilty of that and that’s exactly why I know so deeply that it is WRONG!!! –  but with what is controlling, haunting, driving them!

In most cases, I am very sure, if and when there is a cruel violator in your life, he or she will be a victim in the chain of violence, too.

Just one more point to make you see what is going on:
we have all known this for a long time!
It is in our idioms and sayings!


“the devil has gotten the better of me” and then I…

even the saying “speak of the devil” tells us that we can literally invoke things coming into our lives! This is the backside of the coin of what the occult calls “manifesting”.

When we speak bad things over our lives, they will come!

The only reason why that can be is, because they are spirits!

A tree will not come into your life if you invoke it, only the devil will!!!

And here’s the great news and also the reason why GOD has to be who HE is and when you dwell on it, it is the entire dynamic of the spiritual realm:

GOD, OUR GOD, OUR FATHER is a spirit, too, AND a PERSON, AND a human being –  that is why HE is SO PERFECT, SO ALMIGHTY, SO AMAZING!

And for everything the enemy does or can do, we have a counter strategy, because the enemy is nothing, GOD even made him and his entire kingdom, HE made everything!
And HE also made evil and darkness.

Isaiah 45: 7
I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

And what is the conclusion?

For me, it is that HE wants us to be in violence sometimes.

So that we can learn.

Learn all HE has for us to learn from it.

Learn that it is not US who have the solution, but HIM.
Learn to come to HIM, to ask HIM for help, to ask HIM and only HIM for wisdom – NOT psychologists or psychiatrists (by the way, I am just reading “Occult bondage and deliverance” by Kurt E. Koch, a Theologian, but he has worked and researched together with many psychiatrists and he has come across many who themselves state not only that sometimes, medicine will not help a patient, but only prayer will, and also, many of them claim that if the patients in their institutions would be delivered of demons, at least half of them in total number could be released immediately!

This is an interesting topic!
Especially if you are a victim – like me!
Perhaps GOD wants you to do some research about it or in some way learn how to get free yourself and maybe even help others to get rid of the demonic oppression in their lives…?

At least that is what I believe GOD has let the devil put me through all this…

And if my learnings and conclusions and findings help to save ONE SOUL, help ONE person, open ONE pair of eyes, ears, increase ONE mind’s spiritual understanding, then I am very glad and then, I shall rejoice in HIS GOODNESS – inspite of all the hell and darkness in my life, because then, it will have had a purpose, the only worthy and good purpose: to increase HIS kingdom and get us FREE!

I wish I could express how  –  when you walk with THE LORD  through all your darkness and violence – how HE will hold you and teach you and show you things and literally change your entire world –  and I am just beginning to see what HE is showing me… it is not a pretty world I see, not a lot of beauty in people –  in fact, I see a lot of darkness, I see the enemy MORE than I see GOD in this world… but then again, it is what the bible says and we are in the end times and I  am not glad about what happened to me, but I am glad about what GOD let spring forth from it in my life –  and who knows, perhaps even in the lives of some people who are searching for answers, for help, for truth and for deliverance…?

I hope and pray that this would inspire, heal and bless you. And the THE LORD would bless you richly in all areas of your life, that HE would keep you and shine HIS face upon you. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.


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