The new age sensation

Have you ever asked yourselves, friends, why and what for? – so many people fall for the new age movement, how can it be ensnaring and fooling so many people, even many Christians?

Today, I will share with you what I found to be the reason for that.

And I will share it not from a scientist’s or observer’s or researcher’s or even know-better’s or teacher’s perspective and knowing, but from my own past.

Because I have been enticed and enchanted (literally) by the new age glitter earlier in my life –  before I found out that it is of the devil and that it will kill you and drive you to hell.

So what I came from and what I see in all the disciples of the New Age is the same motive, the same theme driving them all.

First of all, I’d like to share what I consider the New Age.
The New Age movement for me is everything shiny, glittery and exotic and mystic and basically everything which can influence your spirituality, your soul or your body – everything which is NOT from OUR GOD, the ONLY GOD, JEHOVAH, THE GOD OF ISRAEL, JACOB AND ISAAC, THE FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST.

So what is this motive, this driver, this theme?
What is the sensation about it, inside of it and behind it?

Well, when I had been lured into the New Age movement, I was at a point in my life when I had discovered that all that I had learned and done in order to achieve success and happiness and “a good life” had not really worked.
I was restless and most of all, I felt empty inside.
I was longing to belong, I was longing to be loved, I was longing for a deeper meaning, a deeper satisfaction, for a purpose.
I felt inadequate and a failure and rejected and frustrated.

This is what ALL people feel at some point in their lives.


And then, the lucky ones, the ones who have the one and only remedy in their medicine cabinet –  JESUS CHRIST!! – even before they get ill, these ones know what to do WHEN they feel down… they go to THE FATHER and ask for help.
And HE will help them.

But what do the others do?
The ones who don’t know how to pray, don’t know how to access THE FATHER’s presence, how to go before HIS thrown and how to seek HIM?

And believe it or not, I was one of THEM!
The dangerous thing about that is that I didn’t even KNOW!!!
I thought I was a Christian, thought I was living a godly life, thought I knew JESUS, I even thought I was talking to HIM when I channelled these demons…
And why?
Because I had not educated myself!
I had not done any bible reading, but had believed what other people said about GOD instead and had been infected by new age demons pretending to be GOD, fooling us into believing that all religion is the same, that “the universe” is GOD or “the god source” or “the christ consciousness”…



In the end, these beliefs and this ignorance will make you very sick and may even kill you.

Hosea 4:6
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

So what do the ones who do not already live with JESUS CHRIST, the REAL JESUS, JESUS OF NAZARETH, in their hearts do?
I mean, I didn’t even know that the devil is trying to lead us away from JESUS by trying to make us believe in the wrong, false jesus – that already is some sort of knowledge and I did not have any – I didn’t even believe in the devil or in magic or in witchcraft or in any supernatural powers – I was the ideal prey!!!

I was lonely, empty, felt inadequate, rejected and I was unhappy.

And I did what all non christians do:

I started searching.

And friends, NO MATTER what you will find when you do this kind of soul searching OUTSIDE of THE KINGDOM OF GOD, whenever you are searching anything else other than JESUS, there is only one thing and the same thing every time you’ll ever possibly find:

the devil!

Why is that?

The enemy knows our hearts!
He knows how to lure us into what he sells!
He knows our deepest desires and what he has to say and do in order to get our souls, in order to alienate us from our one and only true savior: JESUS CHRIST.

So whether it be meditation, hypnosis, trance work, trance dancing, shaking, some relaxing techniques or practises which promise more physical or spiritual health and wellbeing, or false religions, no matter if shamanism, buddhism, hinduism, tantra, yoga, mother earth goddess worship –  the names are countless and don’t even matter.

Because all they do and all they lead you to is this:
they will give you a shallow sort of relief, a bunch of things as homework, something you need to learn and practise in order to be “initiated” or “a good student” or “healed”, they will change your belief system entirely… and at first, you will feel a spark, a fascination, plus, you will meet other people who are enticed and enchanted as well, will have some sort of “family” or to call it more new-agey “tribe” feeling, a feeling to belong and a sense of being different, of beings special, of being “in the know”… you may even meet someone special there and then, your two emptinesses will merge as one and will give you the illusion of being connected, of being whole, of being healed, of being closer to “god”.
That’s not what is really happening though…

So no matter what you call it, all of them promise the same:
to reduce or even end your current suffering.

And they all have the same effects:
temporary relief and an even more temporary, first high, a kick!

After a little while, you want more.

It is absolutely similar to shooting your first heroin (not that I have done that, but from what you read and hear about it).

You get a high which you had never experienced before in your life.

A kick.

A supertantricmega orgasm for instance.
That’s the sort of kick I got… and I did get addicted and yes, I was fascinated at first!
I even felt special and honored that this psychopath and black magic warlock, whom I considered “an enlightened being” at that time, had chosen to connect with me astrally…!

Or you’ll receive a shamanic healing, for instance, which frees you from 25 years of back pain.

Some sort of first bliss…The “welcoming gift” of the new age is mostly a big one – otherwise you would not buy into it, now would you?

And one thing is also absolutely sure:
it is the one and only “gift” you will ever get!
Even more certain is it that you will pay for it –  a thousandfold!!!

It will cost you a lot of money, will cost you a lot of time and it will definitely cost you all of your personality and your morals and values up to that point – because that is the one thing which they all absolutely need you to do:
you will HAVE TO give up yourself in order to be able to swallow all the SHITE they put before you!

It also has the absolute same effects as heroin.

It is highly addictive!
Have you ever tried to talk someone out of their yoga / meditation practise?
All they will ever give you is “junky talk”, reasons why they can’t quit, yet, they always could if they wanted to, but it is soooo good for them…blablabla

It actually IS a drug –  demons entering your mind and your body – just like substances entering your body – all they ever produce is PHYSICAL HIGHS, KICKS, TEMPORARY relief…

And afterwards, a hangover… a turkey…. withdrawal symptoms which make you want more, make you want to go back, make you book the “next level” class, make you seek a “better guru”, make you travel to India, to Bali, to attend another tantric retreat ………….and so on and so forth………

Christianity may not seem sexy and shiny and glittery –  may not seem as attractive as wearing sarongs, tattoos, nose rings, it may not be as “flashy” working in a decent job, going to church – compared to living in Thailand, giving yoga lessons and eating vegan food, participating in ritual earth goddess dances and being part of cuddle piles (even though that part had always groced me out, having to let every stinky slimy groper touch you, but you have to pretend to like it in order to belong, now, don’t you?) …

In the end, and I KNOW what I am talking about –  not only from my own experience (and believe me, I went to great lengths to belong to that “crap tribe”!!!), but also from SEEING and OBSERVING all the hundreds and thousands of people I get to see and meet every year – the only goal is PEACE.
Nothing else can satisfy and calm and heal and soothe.
Only HIS HOLY PRESENCE can feed us and love us.

The people I see moving about in some sort of (oc)cult or new age bubble or whatever you may call it, they are all laughing too loud, dancing too hard, talking too strong – they want to convince you that they have found the truth, the doctrine, the practise, THE way of life –  but all they ever do when they talk, is really to try to convince themselves.

Because they KNOW they are wrong.

Because part of them already has enough and wants to quit, yet doesn’t know how…

Because they STILL feel empty and alone… maybe more than ever.
If they didn’t, they wouldn’t put so much effort in following a doctrine, in obeying disciplines and rituals and in expressing it sooooo loudly to the entire world.

If they were content and at peace, they would simply be themselves.
And they could live wherever, could work whatever, no need to become a healer or a yoga teacher or live in Asia close to the beach… seems they all need to live somewhere they can brag about –  in order to prove to themselves how special and privileged they are!

If they truly were that, there would be no need for proof.

They would simply be content, at peace and be themselves.

Now, wouldn’t they?

For me, that is the best argument ever for JESUS CHRIST.
As if HE needed justification – for me, HE doesn’t, but if I had to give one, some sort of apologetics, it would be this:
when you follow HIM, you actually feel better, more whole, healthy and at peace and still lead a “normal” life anywhere in the world. You could be a hairdresser or a judge or a painter or a writer and you could still glorify HIM, increase HIS kingdom and please HIM. And you don’t have to book any classes, don’t have to spend any money (not even for the only book you will ever need to buy, because the bible is free nowadays all over the internet if you don’t want to buy one), do not need teachers, at least no human ones, don’t need to go anywhere, wear anything specific, eat any special foods –  none of these things do you have to do to hear from GOD, to belong to HIS kingdom, to be HIS child.

All you ever have to do is pray and read the bible and accept JESUS as your savior into your heart.

Not even an examn do you have to pass, nor does anyone need to initiate you (there are Christian doctrines and denominations which believe you have to be baptized and I, too believe that, but there are many Christians who have not been baptized and I believe it is not up to us to judge them, but between them and GOD to clear this matter), nowhere you need to travel –  even though it is very interesting and in my opinion highly recommendable that every Christian should travel to Israel, but you don’t have to!.

Again, all you need to do is call on THE LORD and invite HIM into your heart and into your life.

For free!
Without any assistance or gadgets or classes.

And what will you get:
a friend and guidance and help for LIFE plus salvation, forgiveness and eternal life.
Now THAT is what I call a GIFT!!!

Don’t you, my friend?

If you think about it, isn’t it worth far more than any kick ever could be?

I hope and pray that this may heal, inspire and bless you.
And that THE LORD would bless you richly in every area of your life, that HE may keep you and shine HIS face upon you. In JESUS’ name I pray. Amen.

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