Why the enemy invented yoga and why it‘s so effective (for him!!!)

Today, I was talking to a woman in the hostel where I’m currently staying… she seemed very nice and was asking me about my camino experience.

I told her a little bit about what I myself had experienced and about what I had heard from others… and that it seems to be quite common to go through some old stuff in the beginning… you may remember (I sure do!!) that “my” camino was very dark in the beginning… looking back now, I thought it was good, a purging procedure, like a huge detox, and it felt as if GOD was bringing all this old gunk up again and again and again – and through the combination of

  1. physical hard work and pain
  2. extreme emotions linked with those memories
  3. last, but FOREMOST:
  4. GOD’s constant presence, love, healing, understanding & teaching

I could literally walk through and past the old trauma! So that now, I can still recall everything (all of it!) only does it not affect me any longer.

I told her that I had the impression that nothing is as powerful for getting over things and changing as this combination of physical workout and pain and prayer.

She said she knew that.

A few sentences later, when she shared a bit of her story, it turns out that she is a yoga teacher.

And in that moment, it hit me:

of course!

That’s why yoga is so extremely demonizing and addictive and mind plus body altering!!!

It has copied GOD’s recipe for deep healing and got SO close to the real deal! That’s why so many people, even many, many Christians fall for it! Because it works! It does induce deep change! Only that it is NOT OUR GOD changing you, but the spirit of kundalini, which is the most poisonous venom, the hardest and most severe pollution to get rid of, which will harm anyone coming in contact with it severely!

I am not trying to convince anyone here that yoga is satanic and Christians must stay away from it by all means.

Like I like to say: don’t believe me! Do your research, do your own homework and most of all: take it to THE LORD in prayer, HE will show you the truth. Instead of trying to convince you if you are into yoga, I’ll let you convince yourself that it is NOT satanic and only remind you that you’ll have to report to THE LORD one day about everything you did and why you did it!

IF you do some research, you may find what I found (after GOD had told me to discover the truth!!!): that it is a method how the enemy pollutes as many people as he can with the evil spirit of kundalini. And the poses you are doing are ALL created to worship hindhu gods! So if you are doing yoga, you go ahead and explain to THE LORD that it wasn’t idolatry and also, don’t be surprised when the spirit of kundalini makes you very, very sick – because when doing yoga, you are giving these demons a legal right to torment, defile and abuse you! And you are actively sinning, of course! Just as if you were speeding – no officer in the world will care when you tell them you didn’t know about the speed limit.

John 8:32
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

My favorite scripture. It was when I meditated on this scripture a lot that THE LORD started showing me more and more truth… you can do the same, my friend, HE will do the same for you if you ask HIM.

So as I said, this is not to convince you about my discoveries regarding yoga, it is to share with you what I have found out about how the enemy operates, his pattern of deception:

he takes something holy, sacred, desirable, attractive, healing, godly, true, satisfying…etc. and tries to copy it as much as he can and then, if and when we fall for it (it is always related to sin!), we are his.

Love for instance is another one – I don’t think this copy of godly love, lust, sex, tantra, twin flame, destiny or whatever crap about love he will sell to anyone who will buy it is equally well designed to the “yoga trap”, but many people fall for it.

Or drugs. Take weed for instance. Yes, it calms you down physically and mentally, too, at least in some way (Yes, I admit I tried and smoked weed a few times many years ago, but I never really liked it), BUT that is NOT the peace of CHRIST you are feeling! Compared to HIS peace, a drug is NOTHING. But again but, for those who don’t know the peace of OUR LORD, the feeling ad sensations they get from smoking a joint may seem quite fantastic.

I hope you can see where I’m getting at, sure you can!

Stay vigilant, my friend, the enemy lures everywhere “like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour.”

Please inform yourself, do your research, especially if you think you could be under demonic attacks – and please, please, pretty please do NOT believe the LIE that Christians cannot have demons!

Rather would I not, but I do know a lot about demons and I had to learn all about them and my claim to this topic is, we ALL are constantly being attacked by many of them and all of us have them inside! And not only do we have to watch out for them, but also do constant spiritual warfare!

In the end, only JESUS can help against demons and demonization!

That’s the most important truth.

And that’s also a weak spot where the enemy wins over a lot of territory: don’t go to a yoga teacher, don’t attend a meditation class, don’t let a “healer” of some sort even come near you and don’t go to a therapist when you are not feeling well!

We are Christians and there is only one thing we do, only one place we go:

we go to OUR LORD when we have a problem!!!

And HE and only HE can help us and HE will!

And then this woman spoke about her experiences in an ashram in India…NOT the same as doing the camino for GOD! There, nothing gets cleansed or purged, all you get there is additional demons and more sin!

Well, I suppose you got my point.

As usual, my intention, hope and prayer is that this would heal, inspire or amuse you.

And I pray that THE LORD may bless you richly in all areas of your life, that HE may keep you and shine HIS face upon you. In JESUS’ name I pray. Amen.

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