Walking to the final destination – the plot thickens…

I will have walked for exactly 2 months and more than 1000 km when I’ll get to Santiago tomorrow.

And I’ve counted only those km I really walked according to the app in my phone, didn’t count the distance km, but I must admit that I thus also counted the km I walked on my “days off”(exploring towns along the way for instance) or generally off the camino (to museums etc.).

So today already felt like the beginning of the great finale.

Actually, the great finale started to begin last night.

As you all know, at least I suppose you do, when you are getting on well or even succeeding, growing, having important realisations in THE LORD, an increasing spiritual understanding – and when you are really happy about it, who knows what will happen next?

Anyone, anyone…?


The enemy will attack.

In a new way… will hit harder, will go to greater lengths to get you.


Just like OUR FATHER wouldn’t be who HE is if HE didn’t reward us for obeying HIM, the enemy wouldn’t be behaving properly if HE would not try to “kill, steal and destroy” according to John 10:10.

It’s his JOB!

It is what GOD has assigned him to do and has created him for. OF COURSE GOD created the devil, all the witches, parasites, all the evil in people… what did YOU think? HE created everything and everyone. Everywhere, in every realm.

So guess what happened last night:

right, another act of violence against me, a male, of course, a psychopath, severely mentally disturbed, what else – they seem to find me everywhere…

And before you even start thinking about what I could have done to provoke him, let me tell you what I did:

I was asleep!

And as I mentioned earlier, I have a cold at the moment and I suppose I must have been snoring… but I am far from the only one! The dorm was full last night, it was very noisy, I could tell the guy was getting worked up, he was obviously on the spectrum, I had noticed his mental disfunction earlier and I was a bit worried about that he could freak and noticed that he couldn’t cope with all the noise, with people not shutting the door, and he started cussing and cursing them, lots of swearwords, but I eventually fell asleep… what can you do, not the first very crazy person I had to sleep in the same room with on this trip, I was hoping that GOD would protect me.

I had created a curtain with clothes around my bunk bed and felt safe enough to go into a deep sleep.

Until he woke me up.

He opened my curtain, invaded my personal bed space and touched me until I awoke and when I opened my eyes, he was staring at me.

I screamed, he scared the bejeebers out of me!

I was paralyzed, I could only stare at him.

He told me to “take it easy” and left my bed space and then, his entire freak show went on and on and on until he had worked himself up so much that he had to leave the room, because he was so upset. I suppose he had to go and smoke, he must have been triggered so much that he needed a dose of his drug, he had probably realized that he wasn’t going to control all 24 people sleeping in the room into doing what he wanted.

Me, I wasn’t snoring anymore. Not even sleeping!

Because I did not feel safe enough to fall back asleep.

I was shellshocked.

But other people, unaware of the danger they were in, snored like grizzly grandpas, the usual deal in a dorm at night here on the camino. So he was getting more and more upset.

What was very interesting though was what went on in me.

Shock, then indignation, but only for a very short period of time.

Then…Just like the other guy who had almost sexually harassed me the other week and had made me leave the place and not stay the night, I knew that the poor thing was full of devils and I felt sorry for him. It was so obvious and plain to see how demonized the man was!

So what did I do? Of course, I started to pray for him, tried to cast his devils out. Tried to pray the PEACE OF CHRIST over and into him. For we all know that’s what they all truly long for. The only thing that can HEAL mental illness, the only way a psychopath could possibly find some rest… if JESUS CHRIST granted him HIS peace. True peace, the only peace, peace of mind. In case you were wondering about therapy, meditation, yoga, tai chi or other remedies which are not of GOD himself:

forget them!

They will not cure you, on the contrary!

Believe me, I KNOW! I used to be a therapist myself- but that’s all to be discussed at another time in another place…

Anyway, I felt for him and I almost went outside to look for him and ask him if he knows OUR LORD JESUS (of course he doesn’t!) and tell him about THE LORD and share the good news with him, but I didn’t find enough courage and compassion in my heart to do that much for him.

You see, the enemy tried to make me feel bad about it! Nagging about this shortcoming of mine!

And yes, I am sure it would have really pleased THE FATHER if I had gone that far.

At the same time, I am only human, only learning, only doing my best to become like JESUS, more like him, day by day, as much as I can… and many, if not ALL times, I fall very, very short of HIS ability to heal, of HIS capacity to love, of HIS perfectness!

I know that. But at least, I am doing my best every day to try to become MORE like HIM!!!

In my past, I would have lost sleep over being angry at this guy and rehearsing a dispute with him over and over in my mind… last night, I saw how pointless that would be, I saw how pointless that always is.

So when I observe myself, I can see that I am getting there more and more.

Getting to where GOD wants me to get to. Getting more and more able to actually DEAL with violence.

I am getting closer and closer to praying the demons out of these poor lunatics when they are in the middle of attacking – and who knows, the next time could be the time when I will successfully cast a demon out of someone!

Getting more and more able to react to the demon with spiritual warfare, instead of to the persons (who are not in control of themselves!!!) with anger.

And one day, I might do what JESUS did and what HE promised we, too, would do in HIS name: cast the mean things out!

Now THAT would be something!

When THAT happens one day… when GOD actually will HAVE given me the power and authority to cast out demons and free others, then, all the years of going through hell (literally!!) and all the pain and hurt, being almost killed by a psychopathic new age warlock, then ALL of that will be worth it.

It will be one more demonstration of HIS greatness.

Of HIS way of operating.

Of how HE turns what the enemy intends for our evil around for our good and for the good of others… of HIS sense of purpose and also of humor if you can see it…I find it really funny that all the evil ones see themselves as rebels and as SO powerful, while what they truly are is really god little boys and girls, because they are doing EXACTLY what HE wants them to do, even the devil himself is nothing more than GODs little, perfectly trained pet! If only all the magicians, witches, warlocks, tantrics, gurus and so-called goddesses could see that! Could see that they are actually serving and glorifying THE ONE AND ONLY ALLMIGHTY GOD, the GOD OF ISRAEL, JEHOVA, ADONAI ELOHIM, THE GREAT I AM… OUR FATHER.


Divine humor!

At least once you can see through all the evil!

The plot thickens.

I see teachings, learnings, progress…

And communication.

As if we had gone through this very important lesson if last night together, me and my FATHER, while I was walking this morning… and HE explained and let me ask questions…

I was very happy that HE took the time to teach me. Like a loving, patient father, like a father we would all have needed… it was great! I felt like a happy little girl…

All this because of the enemy. He lead me closer and closer and closer to the one and only true GOD.

I can see how every role was necessary here.

I can see more and more sense in all this.

The plot thickens.

How about you, my friend?

Have you ever had a very bad encounter with the enemy and OUR FATHER made you come out of it better than you ever were before?

As usual, I hope and pray that this would inspire you, heal you ir bring you joy. And that THE LORD may bless you richly in all areas of your life and that HE may keep you and shine HIS face upon you. In JESUS’ name I pray. Amen.

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