Walking – the arriving stage

Only 2 more days of walking, friends, until I shall be arriving in Santiago de Compostella.

Legend has it that GOD will forgive all sins of whomever has walked the camino to Santiago.

Even though it is a nice legend, especially since it may encourage some nonbelievers to come to faith in our LORD JESUS, we know better, don’t we.

Of course we all already enjoy the privilege of living as forgiven people, redeemed, saved, born again.

So what is our price when we already have what non Christians get as a reward for walking this literally rocky road?

I can tell you, friends, our father would NOT be OUR FATHER, the generous, plentiful, Almighty GOD if HE did not graciously reward HIS children for making this huge offering… at least for me it was huge – and so is my reward.

First of all, there are no words how I can describe in what ways and to which amounts my relationship with THE LORD grew during these weeks. There is nothing like spending so many days alone in nature with GOD, doing nothing but walking, praying and praising and communicating with HIM. I canvery well say it was the most important time of my life, SO precious, so dear… I will cherish it in my heart forever and I will never, ever forget it!

As we all know, spending time together and going through things together, good ones and bad ones, creating common memories, creates intimacy – a special bond, something no one else knows or shares with you or the other person – of course, HE is not a person, at least not in the flesh, but HE IS a personal GOD and JESUS is or became a personal presence to me and for me during this time – not that HE hadn’t been before, but now, it is so much deeper, so much more real! For me, THAT is the greatest reward and what I was longing for most!

And there’s the little things… or for me, they are actually not little at all. They are very intimate, but I can share some of it, it is about signs:

I always feel a little ashamed when I long for a sign and sometimes before I even realize what I’ve been doing, I am asking for one and then, remembering how JESUS criticized Thomas, I take it back, repent, reassure HIM that I don’t really need it. And lately, the same thing happened… and then, the very thing I had asked for as a sign happened, not once, not twice, but 3 times in a row within 2 days!

And all these little miracles!

One example:

Yesterday, I was very tired, actually, I didn’t want to take this route in the first place, because I knew it was too long for me and there wouldn’t be a place to spend the night.

At the same time, this entire walk is also about obedience and about trusting and about giving my ALL, THE LORD told me HE wanted me to go this way.

So I did.

I’ve been waiting and praying so long for being able to hear HIS voice clearly and then when I do, of course I simply have to obey.

So I walked.

And I also have a severe cold, so everything hurt and everything was even heavier than usual, but I walked…

And I did get very, very tired.

And I did get tempted to leave the designated path in order to reach a pension where I could spend the night – a few kilometers less to walk…

But I didn’t.

I kept walking. My feet were hurting like crazy!

And even though I knew for sure there wasn’t going to be a bus stop on my way, I started praying for a bus… I prayed very intensely in the spirit… and guess what:

A bus came by.

I waved and it stopped.

It wasn’t on an official route, the driver was taking his friend to her car.

And they gave me a lift.

For free.

And when we reached her car, she drove me right to the albergue I was obviously supposed to reach for last night.

I was in awe.

And by the way, it was the albergue where my 3rd sign came to me…

Arriving not only in Santiago de Compostella, but also in security, safety in THE LORD MY GOD.

So sure now that HE has me, keeps me, that HE will provide.

That is a PRICELESS reward.

For me it is!

As usual, I hope and pray that this would inspire, heal or amuse you. And also, I would love to hear about your rewards… or perhaps, if you cannot share them, maybe take a quiet moment right now to give thanks – I know HE appreciates it!

May HE bless you richly in all areas of your life, and may HE keep you and shine HIS face upon you. In JESUS’ name I pray. Amen.

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