Walking past dogs

I’m not impressed with how the Spanish treat their animals.

And I am not even talking about the bull fights or chasing the bulls through the entire town.

Walking by so many houses and on almost every property, seeing so many dogs on chains or in little kennels literally breaks my heart every day. It is so common here.

And so many dogs seem to even permanently live alone there to watch over some land or a garden or an abandoned barn.

Like I said, it is hard for me to walk by – if it were up to me, I’d free them all!

I can’t do that, of course.

Actually, at the moment, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

I can’t even ignore the huge problem, because I am literally passing a few dozens of them every day.

So what I’m doing for now is observe them – and me! – and I am quite aware that when something deeply touches us (in a good or in a bad way), it usually is about ourselves…

Chains, cages, prison, violence.

Of course it is about me!

Yet, how fascinating to watch how the same outer circumstances can have different effects on different dogs.

Some of them seem to cope much better than the others, seem to be able to stay positive, have HOPE, look at every person approaching them, even passersby like me, and greet them with a happy attitude, expecting the best, believing they will be the one person who will free them, take them home, give them some love, show some kindness. They seem to rejoice over every visitor, seem to like every encounter, seem to see the best possible future / outcome in every situation.

Then there are the “barkers” – different kinds: the ones barking all the time for various reasons, the ones barking according to their duty, the ones only barking once to notify you that they’ve seen you and that they are on the other side of the fence – and the ones not barking for various reasons – the old and tired ones are the saddest sight for me!!

How do we, how do I behave in my prison?

Do we even realize how chained we are?

Are we barking all the time according to the orders of the ones keeping us captive?

Do we have hope to be freed?

Are we the ones who can stay positive and trusting?

LORD, let me, let US all find NEW hope every day, let us see YOU in all our encounters, let us stay positive, able to wait patiently for YOU, kind towards new people and situations, no matter how much evil we’ve seen, no matter how deeply or how many times we’ve been hurt. Most of all, let us KNOW in our hearts that YOU are faithful and that YOU will come and deliver us, just like you have promised, that YOU will break all our chains and that YOU will set us free! In JESUS’ name I pray. Amen.

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