Walking – against the enemy!

During the past few years of my life, I have been under permanent psychic attack by a mentally very ill warlock and these attacks have been tormenting me 24/7, especially and more severely at night though.

This living hell has taught me a lot.

It probably is the reason why I got saved, because I kept praying so hard for help, kept searching GOD until HE lead me to the right teachers, the few ones who teach about Christian spiritual warfare and about deliverance – the only ones who can get you free instead of being infected and possessed by even more demons, which is the result of anything else one could try in order to stop witchcraft.

The attacks are not my topic today.

What I learned through them has become my main topic though – I am soooooo grateful to the devil!!!

I am serious, friends!

JESUS, our FATHER and THE HOLY SPIRIT, they are the greatest, the only ones, the truth, the way and the life.

But what they are NOT is intrusive or violent.

They respect us and our will. They will NEVER force us to follow them, not even to see the truth, no matter how deep we are into harmful beliefs, no matter how seriously defiled our lives may be, GOD will always wait for us and respect our preferences, even if that means we will side against HIM!!

HE will Wait for us to seek HIM and to ask HIM and to follow HIM.

The enemy won’t though. He’ll take whatever he can get and he’ll have us as long as we don’t actively expel, rebuke, fight, defeat and bind him.

It is becoming so clear,so obvious, so plain to see once you’ve discovered this principle. It applies to every situation and to every area of our lives!

Last night, I had a very unpleasant encounter and experience in an albergue: as I already said, I am walking alone and during the winter, there are not many pilgrims around, so it happens quite a lot that I am the only one staying in a place. This hasn’t been a problem and I felt safe in the albergues – up to last night.

The hospitalero got infatuated – I did not do or say anything to encourage him, on the contrary, I told him clearly that I wasn’t interested, that I wasn’t comfortable with his behavior and that I thought it wasn’t appropriate what he was saying and doing. Repeatedly did I tell him! He wrote me a love letter, he kept staring at me, made me many compliments, went on and on about my eyes, kept calling me an angel, tried to sit next to me even though I told him to sit on the other side of the table, wanted to shake my hand all the time in order to touch me, couldn’t stop flirting and wouldn’t stop no matter what I did or said. Unfortunately, he was staying in the same dorm room and it was clear to see that he was helpless against what had gotten into him. We believers know what it was: the enemy, aka the spirit of lust. He kept talking to me while I was already in bed and then he came walking over… he backed off when I yelled at him, but it was clear that he wouldn’t be able to stay on his side of the room all night long – and that I wouldn’t get any sleep, wouldn’t be able to relax, wouldn’t feel safe with him in the same room…so I got up, booked a hotel room online and left. He tried to talk me out if leaving and apologized, but he didn’t seem sincere to me.

Even though this was very frustrating and totally inadequate, I have compassion for him. For all of us! We’ve ALL been there and fancied someone who wasn’t interested. We’ve ALL lusted after someone who didn’t reciprocate our desires. I have never seen so clearly why, how and most of all WHO has gotten us into that: the enemy.

WHO is the most important question to ask.


And always, every single time, there are only 2 possible answers: GOD or the enemy!

Everything will go wrong if we don’t do it with and for HIM, if HE is not in it. Love is not possible without him, only the grimace of love, lust, which is what and which is all we will ever get if we go and mate without THE LORD.

Even life itself will only be a mere existence, survival, being exploited by the enemy and all his subordinate parasites.

I got it.

I really did.

What is my conclusion?

Or who?

Only HE is the answer!

My conclusion is to pray even more. To praise HIM as much as I can and to do all I can to please HIM. To remember MY GOD 24/7. To not spend a single second without HIM. To never ever do anything without HIM. To dedicate myself, all of me, all my deeds, all my thoughts, everything to HIM – constantly!

To always remember that OUR GOD wants to be asked, to be followed,to be invited, to be consulted, to be loved and praised.

The other one doesn’t need an invitation, he’ll come! He’ll come without an invitation and he’ll take all you have away from you. And if you let him and do not ask JESUS to come and save you, the enemy will destroy your life and kill you – literally and also metaphorically.

John 10:10
The thief cometh not but to steal, kill and to destroy. I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.

Love is not love without HIM.

Life is not life without HIM.

It is not possible to be safe around someone who is not filled with THE LORD. I could literally SEE this man’s struggle last night. He wanted to be a good person and he did get the message; yet, he couldn’t stop being a lusting monster.

I see it so many times! See so many empty, remote controlled (or possessed if you will) people, especially here on this journey while I am alone a lot and have nothing better to do than to observe. Even the other pilgrims, the ones who are walking without HIM in their hearts and in their lives… they don’t seem to walk, but either run or be driven – and the new age crap they are uttering makes me want to puke a lot.

Anyway, I am not saying we should have compassion only with all those who are demonized, we have to fight the enemy! In ourselves and in others!

It is important to learn though, I think, and I am still learning that and I will have to learn to remember this more in the specific situation, that it is not them, but the enemy controlling them! And that they really need help more than anything else – I’m not quite there yet and probably there would have been a third option last night: to free this man from the enemy – I didn’t know what to say or to do – perhaps that’s what I will be learning next….

Happy to read your thoughts if you have anything to share regarding this – has THE LORD shown you how to deal with possessed brothers and sisters?

FATHER, today we bring before you all those whom the enemy has mislead and driven to pursue lust instead of love, to chase after people who do not love them, to lust after what they will never have (or worse, to violate or molest other people because they cannot master these unhealthy desires which the enemy has implanted into them) – we pray and ask that YOU would touch them, LORD, would give them YOUR peace, would show them that they have to stop doing what they are doing and that YOU would heal them and save their souls! In JESUS’ name we pray. Amen.

As usual, I hope and pray that this would inspire, heal or amuse you, and that THE LORD may bless you richly in all areas of your life,that HE may keep you and shine HIS face upon you. In JESUS’ name I pray. Amen.

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