Walking on snow

Yes, it‘s true!

Didn‘t expect it to be so cold and snowy, perhaps it is just not what one expects when going to Spain… so glad I didn‘t come for the weather, even though it is nicer indeed to walk on or in sunshine, a lot nicer!

But I‘m starting to see little miracles and I‘m very glad about it!!! Thank you SO much for your prayers, I could literally feel my load being much lighter today!

So let me tell you about the little miracles:

The path split at some point today and I was asking THE LORD which way to turn… HE lead me to take a left, which was the path nobody else took and also, I knew there would be no place to stay halfway and also no bus service, like on the other path… I figured I would either be strong enough to walk all the way or GOD would bring me to the next village with an open albergue.

What happened was, the path was very pretty, but hard to walk and I got really tired and I didn’t feel capable of walking all the way. And in the end, I got a free ride to the next village!!!

Miracle # 2                                              In the beginning of this journey when I threw out a lot of my stuff, I also let go of my bible. It was a heavy, leather version with cover box, I did feel bad and guilty, I still had the bible in an app on my phone and of course, I kept reading there, but it doesn‘t feel the same… so I prayed and asked THE LORD to show me a place where I could buy a new, smaller one – of course in English and most certainly in my favourite King James version. Want to know what HE said? HE said I‘d find one! And can you imagine, today I DID (this was only 3-4 days ago!!!)!

I found a KING JAMES bible in small print, on very thin paper, a travel bible, in the albergue where I‘m staying today! Isn‘t that incredible??? And I wasn‘t even really surprised 😉 —> look:

there is no proof I didn‘t own this before, but why would I lie?

For me, they truly are miracles, because I am feeling THE LORD communicating with me and I am feeling me getting a sense of hearing HIM. Very hard to describe, but I can feel HIM speak in my heart somehow.

VERY different to when the devil speaks!

I have been praying to learn to discern the difference beyond any doubt. And I am learning to! THE HOLY SPIRIT is teaching me!!! I feel I need to elaborate a little more on that:

You see, ANYONE can hear from the devil!

All you need to do is listen, he‘ll talk to you! In fact, he always does!

So all you ever get when you go to a medium or a fortune teller or a channeller or an akashic record reader or a shaman – you name it, they can all only do ONE thing: get you a message from the devil!
How do I know?
I had to learn it the hard way!

I thought I was getting messages from Jesus and all kinds of angels, archangels and ascended masters and then I learned that I had only ever talked to demons!!! They didn‘t tell me mean or bad things, on the contrary, the messages were beautiful and very deep and I was certain they came from heaven – which they did, only not from the 3rd heaven, but from the first.

We mustn‘t forget, when Satan fell or before he fell, he was the most beautiful angel and he took one third of them with him!! We must always be on the watch, friends! The dark side has a lot of power and they know how to use it! They are no beginners! What I am trying to tell you here is this:

a prophecy doesn‘t always come from GOD, neither does guidance or teachings, no matter where you got them, you HAVE TO pray about them, ASK THE FATHER about them and discern them, it is VERY HARD to tell the difference between true and false prophets, false prophets DO know the truth – remember the woman Saul consulted when he was desperate for some advice from Samuel? She knew who he was! And she was able to wake Samuel from the dead and speak to him!

1 Samuel 28

They do know things!
So if you want to be sure you are hearing from GOD and not from the other one, you have to learn to tell the difference. It is something many people do not even have an idea about, many Christians included! In fact, I think I‘ve met more Christians who do NOT know the difference than those who do. The most common belief among believers seems to be that the devil is not real, that witches and demons are not real.

Can I ask you something if you believe that: do you believe in the bible? The book is FULL of stories about them! Also, in most tales about JESUS‘ ministry on earth, it is told that HE came to a place and preached and taught and healed the sick and cast out demons.

Do you believe in THE LORD JESUS?If you do, do you believe he would fight something unreal?

I am very happy about these first confirmations and proof of my progress in learning to discern and I am sharing it with you, friends, because I think and believe that discernment is crucial for our survival in these end times!

I believe it is the only skill which can save us from falling in one of the traps of the anti- christ. And if you haven‘t done so, I am urging you to pray and ask for the gift of discernment and study your bible about the end times, about the spirit of antichrist and about witchcraft and demons and evil spirits!

And again, thank you SO much for your prayers, I will keep including you all in mine, too!

And as usual, I hope and pray that some of this could inspire, heal or amuse you and that THE LORD may bless you richly in all areas of your life, that HE may keep you and shine HIS face upon you. In JESUS‘ name I pray. AMEN.<<<<

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