Walking the walk

Friends, remember when I told you about the stages everyone on this path more or less goes through?

Nevermind if you don’t remember, you will if you should ever decide to come here or do something similar.

The current stage is illness. Not only mine – me, I’ve got the flu and I’m not surprised that my immune system got a bit overwhelmed from dealing with this permanent physical challenge plus the snow storm the other day… what did surprise me a little at first was that I would get sick here – while walking for my LORD JESUS.

Only at first did it surprise me though. Until it dawned on me that it must be part of the process.
Especially since I’ve seen it in everyone – at about the same point of their journey.

Whereas we seemed to be pretty much a group when I started, now, it is getting much more mixed; not only because I took it slower and walked less of a daily distance than the rest of the people I started with, but also because the further down the path one comes, the more places there are where people usually start – many people don’t walk all the way in one go and take portions – or others prefer to do a specific section only… there is no rule as far as I know except that you have to walk more than 100 km to get your certificate.
Well, I already walked more than that.
I saw a sign yesterday which indicated that I only have 631 more km to go… I freaked a little over it… so this was just a reminder that for me, this has only just begun.
But everyone seems to get sick and seems to be needing to take a day off from walking at this point, as far as I can tell, “this point” is when the burden if the backpack is getting a little lighter, when you get used to all the walking a little, when you’ve got your gear in place, the stuff you don’t need is sent home or ahead on the way and you got the stuff you were lacking or replaced that which wasn’t working for you… at this point when it seems “doable”.

That’s when the sickness comes and strikes you and lets you doubt if you can make it.

(In my case, also many old “issues” showed up , can’t tell if that’s the sane for the others since we only talk about the physical complaints)

So what is this illness and brokenness about I was wondering and asking THE LORD.

I guess it is just like the illnesses and brokennesses in your regular life.
They are a chance or an invitation to go deeper with HIM.
And that’s what I will do.
I realized that I most enjoy the very small villages and albergues and enjoy walking during the times of the day when I hardly ever meet anyone.
And I do enjoy taking some quiet resting time every once in a while.

THE LORD reminded me of my one and only reason for coming here. And that reason is HE and my love for HIM and my relationship with HIM. I didn’t come here to meet new people and have these typical hostel-conversations; I like it when HE is showing me things about people, especially about non-believers and their patterns and I gratefully listen and learn.

Example: there was this lovely, sweet and very caring woman from Taiwan in my room last night and we talked a little ( I usually ask people why they are doing this walk and if they are Christians and then they usually tell me a lot about them) and we also sat in the common area and other joined us as well. What stood out was that she was into all kinds of healing techniques, all of them eastern and from what I know from and about OUR GOD, all of them demonic. This is another time when I will ask you not to believe or not believe what I say, but to do your own research – the sources which tell you the truth about yoga or tai chi or reiki or tantra or whatever eastern practice you may come across are ALL OVER the internet!! – anyhow, back to this woman: she probably really doesn’t want to harm anyone and truly does think she is helping them and healing them, just like she is really believing that this stuff is healing her herself… I mean she was so keen to give everyone a treatment or some of the medicine she had brought with her, it was hard to get away with not taking anything from her – and I didn’t, of course!

She reminded me a little of the time when I was into pretty much all you can imagine… and little did I know at that time how this infuriates  OUR FATHER.

I got punished by HIM.

What comes to mind is the scripture about ignorance, which I really love, it is

Hosea 4:6
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Friends, just like if you didn’t know that selling drugs was illegal, you’ll go to prison anyway if caught – these are eternal, divine commandments!

Don’t mess with GOD!

Regardless if you are a believer or not!

I mean, how can this be that everyone here is going through the same stages and challenges and I haven’t even seen another believer yet.
For me, this is yet another proof that GOD is ALWAYS in charge, in absolute and total control over everyone and everything.
And this camino seems to be an area where HIS rules apply once you joined the “fun” – no matter where you came from and no matter why you came in the first place… this woman, by the way, was saying that her technique wasn’t working and she, too, took a break today. So maybe HE even gets those into the wrong things to doubt their beliefs, as soon as they come to this, to HIS path here…

Wouldn’t that be awesome?
There are SO many ways and places where and when the devil touches, betrays and defiles goid people just because they come – deliverance ministers call it “open doors for him and giving him legal tights to enter”.

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if everyone entering the camino de Santiago de Compostella would give their consent to be touched, cleansed and saved by JESUS CHRIST?

It is MY prayer for everyone I meet here!!!! Of course, not only here, but everywhere.


Friends, today I am going to ask a favor of you: this is really exceedingly challenging and hard. And to realize how many km and how much time still lies ahead of me made me a bit weary and I’ve been praying asking THE LORD that HE would make it s bit easier, lighten my load a little, increase my strength and health a little… would you pray for me, my friend? Very much appreciated!!!

Please also do share anything you would like to say in the comments.

As usual, I hope and pray that some of this may heal, inspire or amuse you; and that THE LORD may bless you richly in all areas of your life, that HE may keep you and shine HIS face upon you. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.

One thought on “Walking the walk

  1. “just like the illnesses and brokennesses in your regular life. They are a chance or an invitation to go deeper with HIM.” Amen!!! And, by the way, absolutely love all your pictures.Thanks for sharing them.


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