Walking through…

all these beautiful, traditional Spanish villages.

Many locals are greeting us and wishing us a good pilgrimage, a „buon camino“.
Many others nodd or look friendly upon us.
They are very hospitable and friendly.
And I bet during the hot months, many would and will offer a glass of cool water to those walking by their house.

Even though it must be hard for them, especially for the older ones, to see all those who are walking by, to see what they look and behave like, to see what has become of the tradition of pilgering.
When I myself am surprised at the kind of crowd I meet here in the albergues and puzzled about their attitudes – and it is only winter and not even crowded!
In the place where I slept last night, there were 2 people heavyly (!!!!!) drunk AND drugged and there was also 1 guy who was very rude, a bit drunk and I didn‘t feel safe around him at all! He was clearly mentally not in a proper state and he made loud noises while he slept – as if he was having very bad dreams and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had them every night… like I said, you get very close here with the other pilgrims and staying in the same room with these people and not feeling safe means in my case not or hardly getting any sleep myself.

Thank GOD there are these nights in between like this one, where I found a private room for very little money, where I can be alone, no snoring or sleep talking or coughing or other noises you don‘t want to hear about!

I mean, I get it.
There must be a million reasons to do this walk and it is very pretty to look at, accomodation is not hard to find and you get to meet many new people, it may even be you meet new, likeminded people – no matter what your mind is like – just because the pilgrims used the camino first and traditionally, that doesn‘t mean that other people with other goals and values and attitudes can‘t also walk this road.

And I don’t even want to imagine what it is like during the main season when there is tons of more people here all over the places.

I guess it’s just like many other things or traditions which can become un-sanctified or defiled.

Or like church itself.

When it loses it’s values and it’s purity and it’s origin. Or it’s GOD given purpose.
And hasn’t that happened in many, many churches and during many eras and in many ways?
Have not some of the churches lost all contact to GOD OUR FATHER completely whatsoever?
I have strong opinions about this and I do firmly believe that OUR GOD has set very firm rules for the church HE wants and I do see many things in many churches which I doubt are pleasing HIM, which are even sins according to HIS WORD!

Don‘t get me wrong, I am absolutely not against modernisation!
In my personal opinion, GOD OUR FATHER wants us to benefit from progress and enjoy the conveniences of modern life – in modesty and in gratefulness and as long as we are giving HIM the glory for it!
And also, I believe that there are things in THE BOOK which do NOT and do NEVER need to be modernized or renewed or even reviewed, because they are PERFECT and made by GOD.

Like the commandments, for instance.
Will their ever come a time when it will be old fashioned not to kill, not to steal, not to lie and not to commit adultery?
Not in MY world, not in MY life!
The anti-adultery thing may have become a bit old fashioned already, but that doesn‘t make it wrong – at least not in my view!

So what can we do?
The best idea I could come up with so far is to honor the traditions and pray for those who do not!
From what I found and keep observing, those who break the good, eternal and holy traditions, always do this out of pain!
It is clearly visible in most cases how tormented they are and how they deceive themselves and numb their „agony of emptiness“ with everything they can find…

Especially with my background and personal experience of being violated and tormented by a severely mentally ill psychopath, I can say with full conviction that I am very, very certain that what these people – ALL of them!!! – are truly seeking is GOD.

And what I hope and pray for is that the tradition and the holiness of this path is stronger than all the demons of those who walk it – and that THE LORD will again here and for EVERYONE here prevail.
That HE may save their souls – whether or not they know HIM and regardless if they even want HIM to!
That the camino is yet another place and way THE LORD defeats the devil.                      Like HE has in calvary.
Like HE will when HE will come to the earth fir the second time.
Like HE has in MY life – and hopefully in yours, too, my friend…

Me, I will enjoy the hospitality here and will keep showing and expressing my attitude and my motives to come here openly – that I am walking this camino with and for THE LORD! – towards hosts and fellow travellers – who knows, my testimony could be what makes THEM seek GOD, too…?

Is there anything you have found about tradition or tradition in (your) church which you would like to share?
Or have you welcomed a pilgrim to your house before or would you?
And do you or don‘t you agree that none of us are as good as OUR LORD JESUS in eating with sinners snd tax collectors?

As usual, I hope and pray that some of this may heal, inspire or amuse you. And that THE LORD may bless you richly in all areas of your life, that HE may keep you and that HE may shine HIS face upon you. In JESUS‘ name I pray. Amen.


One thought on “Walking through…

  1. “The anti-adultery thing may have become a bit old fashioned already, but that doesn’t make it wrong ” – Amen, sister!


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