Walking away.

Walking this camino is a FULL TIME JOB, friends!
There is absolutely no time and even less energy left to think or worry about anything else, let alone focus on anything going on in your regular life.

If you think we are all just doing a little hiking every day and the rest is like a holliday, you couldn‘t be more wrong.

Not only does the walking with a heavy load take all your strength, it also takes time to prepare beforehand and to analyze afterwards.
There is a lot to plan and to analyze!
Like for instance, where will you go the next day, here you need to consider your pains, your probable state of strength and motivation, the weather, and, last, but not least, the company!
The company is taking a lot of planning and consideration time as well.
These albergues here are all very basically furnished and the rooms are small and you get very close to the others, like it or not…just like at home, of course, there are dear and less favorite fellow walkers… the dear ones you may want to keep up with or walk together with and the not so dear ones you may want to escape by being faster or let them go ahead and slow yourself down a bit – or you may want to face your issues and not plan your own pace too much according to what other people do.

You get the picture, don’t you.

The plus side of this is, it gets so busy that you really, really lose your connection to your  regular life!
Perhaps it works so well because that’s one of the most popular reasons to come here. Everyone seems to be walking away from something or from someone – and it works!        The fellowship on the camino is very intense and I think partly because nobody really wants to think about “home” and instead, they are giving this walk and the people they are doing it with their full attention.

It is good in a way… to switch off for a while and reboot by doing something completely different… it can only be a stage though.

I enjoy it in somehow, at least up to now, but I also look forward to leave the where-do-you-come-from-small-talk-vibe behind and retreat more and/ or either make some new real friends or not socialize too much anymore.

Which is what I would do in my regular life.

And since I am not on a temporary escape – at least that would be a horribly dissapointing outcome for me personally!! – but want to totally, completely and permanently change my life and want to truly hear from GOD, I may not want to mingle with all of the people being here – that‘s similar to what I do at home, too.

I have not yet met someone here on this walk, who is a fellow believer and who is doing it for JESUS as well.

If there were other, true pilgrims here on the camino, I would LOVE to meet them and have meaningful conversations with them and share our faith and enjoy good, Christian fellowship along the way.

So the patterns and issues and encounters seem similar, yet there is a pleasant distance to all the troubles and hardships at home.

My personal hope is that this will be good for more than just a temporary break from my regular life. What I pray and ask for is a total change in all areas of my life.

So walking away from what is happening at home seems to work well for me for now.

To make this really worth it though, there is hopefully also going to be a walking towards…

How about you, my friend?
What would you rather walk away from and / or walk towards?
Perhaps you can relate or share some of what you do instead of walking the camino…? Or perhaps you walked it yourself and had similar or different experiences?

As usual, I hope and pray that some of this may inspire, heal or amuse you. And that THE LORD may bless you richly in all areas of your life, that HE may keep you and shine HIS face upon you.
In JESUS‘ name I pray. Amen.

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