Walking and finding

In case you‘ve ever wondered if it is true what they say about the 3rd day – or if you‘ve been skiing, surfing, running or some other sports you don‘t do every day and had a terrible 3rd day and were wondering if this is also the case for those walking the camino…


And after the 3rd day, „things” begin to change… or one’s focus changes… this seems to be true for all pilgrims on this path that I talked to, of course, it is only my 5th day now, but there seem to be stages everyone is more or less going through.

And then there is also a personal learning and finding taking place – I can see it in the faces of my fellow travelers, yet, I don’t know them well enough that they would share their personal treasures with me, so I can only tell you about the ones I myself found so far:

Alongside, so to say simultaneously happening with the tremendous and various physical pains and challenges, there is a healing theme running parallel all the time!

Mine is receiving kindness, support and extra sweet and gentle favours from men!

If you knew all of my story (we’ll get there if you’d like to follow along😉) you would know just how touching, unusual and vital this is for me!

Not only do I meet all these extremely nice, funny, attractive and gentle guys all the time ever since I came here and no matter if on the camino or elsewhere – it is really remarkable in which abundance and frequence they seem to be crossing my path recently!!! – but also, they are extremely nice to me and go out of their way literally to help me or to please me!
Upgrades, freebies and a LOT of HELP – not to mention all the efforts to amuse me and make me laugh!
Charming, helpful, gentle and VERY kind!
Not only the flirty kinds of favors, also pure friendliness!
From MEN!
The men among you will probably be offended now, because I am so surprised and in awe about all this!

Sorry to all you nice, gentle and good guys – I am sure you are out there and a lot of you are, but also, there is at least one who is NOT. Who is actually cruel beyond measure. And from what I have found, there is a little of him or more or less in many of you… and now, GOD is showing me the other side… that there is also the gentle and kind and sweet guy in many of you, perhaps even in the one who violated me for many years (will go more into detail at some other time).

So what is the point?

Not entirely sure and clued-in yet.
Healing, of course – and it does me sooooooo good!
And yes, I am aware that we are ALL sinners, including me myself, so I must have a cruel side to me as well. At least according to common sense, psychology, philosophy and many other very popular theories or concepts. No need to mention ALL the spiritual directions or doctrines preaching this idea!

So I spent a lot of time doing soul searching about that. A HUGE amount of time and extensive research. PLUS of course, and this is where it gets really interesting, I asked THE LORD about it.

Why would I do that?

Not only (mainly of course, at least nowadays, but that wasn’t always my strategy) because the bible tells us to!

James 1:5

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not, and it shall be given him.

But also, because I made a very interesting discovery – and again, this is only about MY experience, but I did A LOT of research about this! And NONE of the people who taught these concepts or therapies or even the ones following false religions that I met – were practicing what they preached! Nor were they happy or whole or in a healthy relationship, nor was their business prospering, nor did they enjoy what they did for a living.

What’s the conclusion?

My conclusion, the one to start with, was, there must be something wrong!

And that‘s the main reason why I kept on searching and asking THE LORD about it and my ultimate conclusion is now that it‘s all a bunch of CRAP and hypocrisy and that these concepts are meant to lead you astray – from your innermost KNOWING about what‘s right and what‘s wrong – morals, TRUTH.

From GOD really.

This finding is part of the HUGE healing sequence!

NOT TRUE what they are trying to fool you into, that every time someone violates you, it is partly YOUR fault and you attracted it or you have a share in it!


Not necessarily so!

What this does when you believe it though is, it lets the violator continue their thing they are doing to you and stops you from stopping them!

I was foolish!

I looked elsewhere a lot!
Instead of in the BIBLE, in GOD‘s word.
Notice that I am NOT saying you can find the truth in church, at least not in every church!
What I found is that NO HUMAN or one of their ideas can be trusted or followed or believed completely, not without GOD‘s approval and confirmation, HE is THE ONLY SOURCE where you can find the truth!

Yes, I know what some of you will be quoting now to reject my claim that it‘s all a bunch of crap… but before you spill out your solid half-knowledge of bible verses which were ripped out of their context, consider that ALL the rules in the book do only apply to believers!


With that said, I can state my final conclusion (and of course, I have SO much more evidence for that than these past few days! PLUS, this is my blog and it is supposed to express my personal views on things – and if you think what I found is wrong or a bunch of crap, you are free to do so and I am not asking anyone to believe what I say, I can only recommend highly to do what I did and ask HIM!!):

So here it comes.

1. There IS right and wrong, good and evil and if someone decides to do something evil to you, it is NOT your fault!

2. Only GOD decides whatever will happen to you. Good or bad! And HE has reasons for every single one of your life events, encounters, conversations and HE is ALWAYS in TOTAL CONTROL over everything in your life, regardless if you believe in HIM or not or even believe in any other, false religion.

And even though this may not be my best piece of logic I have ever written or expressed, it makes perfect sense to me… and this is something I found which may interest ANYONE considering to walk the camino: it does help you to deepen your relationship with GOD and if that‘s something you, my friend, are longing for, then walking the camino might be for you! And I am very, very certain that you, too, will find something making perfect sense – at least to you!

I wouldn‘ t be surprised if you would encounter the same or similar stages or findings walking this path, which many before you and me have walked in search for GOD.             Wouldn‘t be surprised at all if everyone walking this path does, would and will benefit from it regarding truth, clarity, spiritual growth and regarding finding, seeing, hearing from and encountering GOD.

As usual, I hope and pray that some of this can heal, inspire or amuse you! And may THE LORD bless you richly in all areas of your life, may HE keep you in all your ways and may HE shine HIS face upon you. In JESUS‘ name.



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