Walking hard

Never try, never know😂

At one point today, I thought this is really crazy. Many times before when I had obeyed GOD and when there was a great outcome in the end as my reward, it had felt pretty crazy in the beginning, so I have hope, hope that THE FATHER will accept my offering… hope that I will find (more) favor in HIS sight…hope that HE will hear my prayers.

I mean, how could HE possibly NOT hear them?

I am walking for many hours, today it was almost uphill all of the time, it wasn‘t raining as much though, but I am walking in solitude and in sweat and in PAIN, this PAIN… and of course, I am PRAYING without seizure.
About everything I am pining for, all my pines, all my pangs, everything I feel, think, want, believe, ALL the questions I have… all of that in constant physical agony – sometimes during this day today, I felt more like a martyr than like a pilgrim.

Impossible not to hear me pray today!

There were very nice moments, too! Like when I asked for some support and a few moments later, I found this perfect walking stick leaning against a tree, as if it had been placed there for me… or when I asked for a break and found this awesome place by this little river…

Spending time in nature with GOD is a pleasure! I’ve loved it before. But I do really „get“ the pilgrimage thing now and I am glad I am on one! It is different than taking a walk or going to a service in a church or pray… it feels more similar to the time when I was fasting and praying for more than 50 days… or when I went to the Holy Land to see where HE was born and lived, my beloved JESUS…

So even though this is absolutely NO fun (at least not when one carries all their belongings or most of them, but otherwise it wouldn‘t be a real pilgrimage, now, would it?) I am already glad that GOD put me on this path – literally! And I can recommend it, even though it is only the 2nd day.

Curious to hear about your experiences..?
Have you ever been on a pilgrimage?
Or given an offering to THE LORD?
And will you share it with us?

In the little village where I am spending the night ( in an old monastery btw), they hold a worship service with special blessings for pilgrims every night, I am about to go and attend in a few minutes… I am really looking forward to it, the priest came to the place where all the pilgrims are sleeping earlier, he invited us and he gave us a free tour of the church and the cloisters.
This is only the 2nd day, but it does feel like a blessing already – not because it‘s fun, but because it feels like a privilege, like giving HIM the honor… no idea if this makes any sense to you, to me it does! As crazy as this may sound, walking through the rain with a heavy backpack, giving GOD all this time, doing it for HIS glory and in HIS name, makes A LOT of sense to me!

As usual, I hope and pray that some of this would heal or inspire or bless you, and that THE LORD may bless you richly in all areas of your life, that HE may keep you and shine HIS face upon you and give you peace. In JESUS‘ name I pray. AMEN.

One thought on “Walking hard

  1. “I felt more like a martyr than like a pilgrim.” LOL!!! Loved it. Would love to hear more about your 50+ days of fasting and praying. Perhaps as i continue to read through your posts, you may share more.


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