Walking without…

Only the first day of really hiking.

My entire body is hurting.

There is not 1 single muscle which is not sore.

My backpack is still way too heavy, even though I threw out what felt like half my life or at least half of what I had with me this morning. Very interesting how attached I got (or do we all occasionally??) to some “things” and it was hard to let them go, even though they’re just stuff! I must admit that I think that vanity and pride had gotten a hold of me there – it wasn’t really expensive stuff, but I noticed that I used to enjoy displaying my taste and of course I thought my taste showed my flashy personality, which I truly enjoyed displaying… And I don’t think I am the only one! In fact, from my observations over the years, I believe that pride is the easiest one for the devil to get us.

I see SO much pride everywhere – perhaps I am the only one or perhaps I can get an AMEN here?

The good thing is, even though people are very friendly here to the pilgrims and even though there will be a certificate in the end, there is nothing about this experience which could possibly feed one’s pride – at least not mine, on the contrary, I felt poor today, and miserable, and so not sufficiently trained for this. Sometimes my body hurt so much and I was frustrated about how slow I was, so I walked quite a bit of my part crying today – by the way, I only walked about half the miles most of the pilgrims do on their first day, so again, nothing to be proud of. And there was nowhere to take a little rest, since it was heavily raining all day long, you can’t just sit down on a bench (if there were any!!!) or in the grass, at this time of year in the mud… at one point, I was so exhausted that I started praying for a little rest. Shortly after, there was a ruin of a stone house, it had a roof and it was also sheltered from the wind, so I sat there and ate what I could find in my backpack – still had to carry the weight, only in a different way, felt a bit lighter and refreshed, too.

So I guess I was walking without a flashy, funky, foxy self image today.

And with a lot less (perhaps still not entirely without) pride.

My hope for tomorrow is to walk with less pain, less frustration, less stuff – even lesser!!! – and last, but not least, with a little less rain would also be nice😬

Taking this opportunity to thank you all for likes and follows, I was moved by it! Not so much did I feel flattered or praised, but more cheered on – for me, this is probably the hardest thing I have ever done! Just apologizing in advance if I don’t like and follow and read and return the love, cause I don’t have internet all the time here and I only have my phone – I will catch up with you guys in March when I get home, ok?

Oh, since it is the beginning if the new year – not sure if it is truly and purely Christian and pleasing to GOD to make such a big deal out of that date – or if it is one of the enemy’s snares to lure us into and make the calendar an idol?

BUT at the same time, it is also good to dedicate the new year to OUR FATHER and make a resolution to HIM and for HIM, I believe – of course I believe that, THAT’S why I am here, I mean here on the camino!

How about you?

I am curious to hear from you in the comments. Do you have any resolutions for the new year? And are any of them about or for GOD? And will you share them with us, my friend?

Anyway, my wishes and prayers for you are the same as always, regardless of the calendar:

I hope and pray that some of this can heal or amuse or inspire you and may THE LORD bless you richly in all areas of your life, may HE keep you in all your ways and may he make HIS face shine upon you. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN

One thought on “Walking without…

  1. I love to walk and need to walk, but find it difficult to fit it into my schedule. Love reading about your walking experiences. ♥


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