Walking FOR God

I had a plan… a plan for a BIG life change… no need to tell y’all all about it, because GOD didn’t think so!

I was SO sure this was THE thing my heavenly father wants me to do – and yet, HE never makes mistakes, so it must be me. My hearing or understanding or following or obeying – I thought I was! And probably, I really was – only the outcome wasn’t what I had expected – not at all!

So I was sad. And didn’t really know what to do instead and where to go instead – except that I did know😏 It had been my plan to walk the Camino earlier this year (or last year to be precise), but I stayed at home and postponed my holidays, because a colleague had left and they needed an extra hand.

It was clear that this would be the time to do it!

I am now in France, one train ride away from the little village where I will start, Saint Jean Pied de Port, a popular starting point for the famous pilgrimage of the Apostle St. James.

I am still sad.

Full of questions.



And yet, I am determined to WALK.

To walk it all out.

To listen to what GOD will tell me during all this time alone with HIM on my walks.

I have a lot of time.

I am in no rush to walk the 800km to the destination; in fact, I don’t even have a physical destination… All I have is a sincere and as deep as can be desire to meet GOD, to actually literally SEE HIS FACE and that’s why I decided to offer all this time and all these hardships and be as humble as I possibly can be. It is going to rain, currently, it is quite windy. I am having a hard time to decide what stuff to take and what to leave behind… Obviously, I already started my trip, but I still carry too much, I know I won’t be able to walk the entire day with all I have in my backpack right now, so this will be the first hurdle even before the walk will actually start…

Not a happy bunny…

At the same time, I can already feel something new growing in me… can feel that the sadness is OLD, past stuff leaving me…

And I can already see some learnings, too!

Learning to walk by faith and not by sight, for instance. Taking all this time off now doesn’t make much sense – and yet, it probably IS the exact right thing to do! Or about all this stuff… Luke chapter 12 comes to mind… all the teachings about stuff and worries and plans for food and clothes – sometimes, from my experience, the bible is to be taken literally…

My plan was to work for GOD and I didn’t get the job I applied for, the job which I thought HE had chosen me for, called me to…

Maybe I did get accepted though, maybe I am working for HIM now, maybe I am where HE has called me and do what HE wants me to.

I shall keep you posted and will share my findings here.

I hope and pray that some of this can bless you, heal you or inspire you.

May THE LORD bless you richly in all areas of your life and may HE keep you and shine HIS face upon you, my friend, in JESUS’ name!

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