Walking with GOD

It was a beautiful winter day today.
I decided to take a walk.

I asked JESUS to join me.
And it is not the first time I did that.
HE loves going on walks.
It is even documented that HE walked a lot while on earth.

For me, it is a very good exercise – I practise walking by faith and not by sight.
Because I leave the map at home when I do these walks!
I went to a place in nature where I had been before, but only twice, and it is quite difficult to find – there is no path and one has to walk through boggy areas and climb some fences sometimes – even though some people can find it in no time and know where the open doors in the fences are, yet, I don’t.

I kept singing worship songs while I was walking, praising GOD and thanking HIM for what HE had done for me since I had been out in this place the last time.

It is good to take time every once in a while to look back and notice how far we have come!
Not in order to boast or to be proud.
But to have something to remind ourselves of when we have a bad day and when we believe we are not making any progress.
I was filled with gratitude today.
And I was in awe about HIS might and about HIS creation.

I noticed that I had arrived at the destination very quickly and easily without even once thinking about the direction. Boom, there I was! Awesome!

Always a nice place in nature to enjoy, so I said a few prayers and took a few pictures – I am sure you know what I mean – I find it very soothing and satisfying to spend some quiet time with OUR FATHER in nature, don’t you?

On the way back, “we” took a different route, one I hadn’t seen before.
It was quick, but it was leading right through the wilderness… there were two moments when I didn’t know if I could make it – there was very deep water and there didn’t seem to be any way through it, but I trusted and just started walking and somehow, it carried me- even though it seemed like a deep, huge puddle with only a few blades of grass in it – JESUS told me to go and I went and I was scared – and I sang… a little miracle – at least for me!

Then, there were difficult patches, which I didn’t think I could master.
I had help.
And I climbed rocky areas, fences and in the end, I realized that I was much stronger and in much better shape that I had thought I was and that I had been in a long time.
I realized that I had been healed from lots of ailments and fears, too!

It was fun, time flew by, it was effortless in a way and also sunspense-packed.
So much happened in a few hours!

And for me, this little hike with GOD was a metaphor for our or my walk through life.

Yes, we can stay on the path we can see, can believe we are in control and can only go as far as we went the last time… BUT the alternative is letting HIM lead us. We’ll arrive at our destination faster, more refreshed, grateful and full of excitement and new learnings and most of all – with more faith than we took off with.

When are you going to make time for an afternoon with JESUS OUR LORD and let HIM take you for a hike or a walk and show you HIS creation and talk with you?

Or have you done it?
What did you find?

Leave me a comment if you like.

My friend, I hope and pray that THE LORD will bless you richly in every area of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and give you PEACE.
In JESUS’ name.


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